DVD – Cabin Fever 2

DVD - Cabin Fever 2

Cabin Fever 2

               Genre: Horror
               High School, Sequel, virus, prom
  The continuing wave of horror films grasierende makes stop at nothing and nobody. Whether the original was bad or good, does not matter: As long as you reinholt the budget again, it is justified to continue. Also Ekelhorror Eli Roth Cabin Fever in 2001, which is less with a good story, but played with more bad effects in the hearts of the fans, now to continue this. The film was lousy, but so successful that even with the potential customers who only want to risk a look, would earn enough. In Cabin Fever 2 – Spring Fever give themselves then only two of the original cast then a rendezvous. Sure, the rest died so painfully. Amazingly, Cabin Fever 2 – Spring Fever is more entertaining than Roth’s original – which probably on Prom Night-setting is that now once more to offer than the teens-in-forest-history of the first part. But once the characters are thoroughly unsympathetic and annoying cliche.

The story is quickly told: The small town, played in the woods Cabin Fever, is now the venue. The pathogen, which makes the people living life rotting lump of meat and leaves, gets into the drinking water bottling plant and infects the residents of the city. Only Deputy Winston suspects that this is something in the bush and tried to save what can be saved. But a special command of the Army in the city and cut off everything. The school, which is precisely Prom Night. Includes the need to not only see to it that they are not infected, but also take in front of the trigger-happy soldiers in eight.

The biggest plus point of Cabin Fever 2 – Spring Fever? It is not boring. Constantly something happens. Whether it was disgusting, inhuman, brutal or unintentionally funny. And that’s kind of sad, because director Ti West (who, moreover, are now distancing themselves from the film) is not untalented. But what does one do when you have actors who can not play, a screenplay, good for the little (and we still own co-author), and the Ekeleffekte just for the mere shock there? Only the cast of the school principal and the said deputy to convince as characters. The rest is easy … there. Positive or falls on the soundtrack. Ah, yes, eventually tipping the film Ekelhorror in Fun-splatter. Since there is this scene: One of the cannon-fodder-teens has become infected with a circular saw and saws off his own arm. The then a cutting torch is used to cauterize the stump, it is only comic. Fits in the tone of the film? No, but it is nice to watch. If then also the Oberunsympath with a fat girl trying to have sex, it is only annoying. Must be something like that? Show thickness and to expose people? The actress is doing the reviewer really sorry. But this scene will continue to follow West director hopefully a long time.

Finally, it summarizes wants to use the Cabin Fever 2 – Spring Fever pure splatter audience. The more disgusting the better. The effects usually also recognizable as such, have defused the whole thing, of course. But people with weak stomachs should definitely take a bow to make the film.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Cabin Fever 2 Original Title: Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length : 87 (Min) Published by: Sunfilm Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German (# ) EAN: 4041658222440 Extras: Unspecified

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