DVD – Bronson

DVD - Bronson


               Genre: Action, Biography
               Imprisonment, criminal, Fantasy Filmfest 2009, solitary confinement, brawl

a lost creature in the spell of brutality

  He roars, rages, cursing, and then he strikes, beats like a madman, whom he can catch – and in turn by the prison guards who regularly bring him to reason vigorously punished. And although naked, because if this man is preparing for its self-confrontations, stirring up the fight, he divested himself ritually and can be heard of a supervisor, whom he regards as a hostage eincremen his back. Michael Peterson (Tom Hardy), who calls himself based on the famous American actor Charles “Charlie” Bronson, obviously denies his life as a permanent inmate in jail by attrition and abrasion is considered Britain’s most violent prisoners, and also because of its destructive fury as the most expensive. Of the more than 35 years was that Charlie is now spent behind bars, he 30 in solitary confinement – an incredible story if they are not based on the actual person would be Michael Peterson, who currently remains incarcerated in the British high-security prison in Wakefield.

When, in the age of 22 attacks a ridiculous loot from a few pounds a post office, is convicted of armed robbery at that socially inconspicuous Michael Peterson to seven years imprisonment, which, however, continually renewed. For Charles Bronson, as he calls himself now, staged in the jail again and egregious violence kidnapping scenarios, so that within 35 years, he graduated from a criminal career in over 120 prisons, which was only interrupted by two approximately three-month periods at liberty. With Bronson, the Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn an unusual feature of this curious personality has turned, the words tell, even within a bizarre stage show before an – imaginary – audience their story, accompanied by grotesque theatrical representations.

With its contrasting rugged classical music, its linguistic and its a bit obscene, and sometimes fragmentary dramaturgy is appearing Bronson is the emergence of a fictitious biographical material full of violence, which dispenses with psychological explanations and moral exhortations. The focus of the destructive and ultimately artistic and creative character of Charlie is in its implacable as the lost creature-that makes the audience remain in an oscillating between horror, amazement and bewilderment bewilderment.

When the film as part of the London International Film Festivals 2008 celebrated its premiere, played director Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher, 1996, Bleeder, 1999, Fear X, 2003), the cinema audience to the dismay of the organizers of an audio recording today arrested Charles Bronson film, with comments on the front, which is also found among the extras of the DVD. Above all, this document, but also the other bonus material transported in an impressive way, sequences from the insular universe of Michael Peterson’s, which makes the film appear in a different light. Does Bronson considered by itself as a cynical, satirical slant on a defiant, misunderstood and almost pathologically violent outsider, the background information on the film and people extend this picture to significant components that leave the viewer deeply thoughtful.

( Marie Anderson)

Title: Bronson Country of production: United Kingdom Year of production: 2009 Length: 89 (Min) Published by: ( #) Kinowelt Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: 4006680049991 Extras: Audio recording with Charles Bronson, audio commentary with the director and film critic Alan Jones, Making Of, interview with Tom Hardy, B-roll, fitness training for Tom Hardy, photo gallery, trailers

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