DVD – Boston Streets

DVD - Boston Streets

Boston Streets

               Genre: Drama, Crime
               Friendship, parole, criminal, Boston, robbery
  Ethan Hawke, it seems the ambivalent, physical character of the street have now done. How else can his choice of roles in recent years is to explain, Assault on Precinct 13, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead or Brooklyn’s Finest show a wily and brutal Hawke. And in Boston Streets Paulie small-time crook as he dances on the precipice. And so authentic and great plays that you do not know if he explodes in the next moment, and its comparison with the head torn off. Hawke side is Mark Ruffalo (Collateral, Zodiac), as Brian, who wavers between outbreaks of violence, insecurity, friendship and family of binding human. Also, he plays so inconceivably great that it often can hardly believe it. And this movie experience only comes out on DVD? That is – to put it mildly – tragic publication policy. But it’s also pretty obvious why Boston Streets would have perished in the cinema. Boston Streets is dirty, raw, not the sensational bean and honest. And just so so good.

In South Boston, the law of the jungle ruled. The friends Paulie and Brian are growing up in this environment. And for odd jobs for the local chief Macker Sully, a small milieu career. Years later the two friends still work for Sully. But the relationship is tense. Paulie feels bad about paying, Brian slips down into the swamp drugs, which threatens his wife Stacy (hysterically, losing Amanda Peet, The Whole Nine Yards), and the children. But Paulie pulls Brian forcibly removed from the mud. And that feels this obligation to help with his going it alone to Paulie. Of course also attracts a quick buck. But Sully does not remain hidden and it comes to disagreement. And something is not without bloodshed on the streets …

Director and co-author Brian Goodman, Boston Streets tells its own story. Here, the actor makes his debut behind the camera and convincing in all respects. The screenplay, which together with Paul Goodman, T. Murray and former New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg (now a real character actor, look at The 6th Sense, written Dreamcatcher) has is rock hard and true to life. That there is no real happy ending is not surprising. But even in the technical field, there is nothing to criticize. Camera work and atmosphere are absolutely great, there are only small lengths and on the rough synchronization, we briefly mention easy.

Boston Streets is an authentic and exciting environment study has fantastic actors in addition to telling an interesting story. Or to put it in one word: Gripping!

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Boston Streets Original Title: What Does not Kill You Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 96 (Min) Published by: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment format: 16:9 EAN: 7613059801141 Extras: Interviews , At the rotary, Making Of, Deleted Scenes, Trailer

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