DVD – because they know no mercy – The Spaghetti Western

DVD - because they know no mercy - The Spaghetti Western

Because they know no mercy – The Spaghetti Western

               Genre: Documentary
               Spaghetti westerns, spaghetti westerns, Franco Nero
  Hats off, before this too-brief documentary about the origins and the marriage of the spaghetti Westerns. Visually very beautiful in a noble digipack clothed and provided with additional liner notes that go filmmaker Hans-Jurgen Panitz and Peter Dollinger far back to the time before the spaghetti westerns. Accompanying the beautiful series of spaghetti westerns, which are parallel with Koch Media published it as a bonus, because they know of no mercy – The Spaghetti Western or a soundtrack CD for the documentary. For Western fans, this DVD release a definitive “must-attend event. But are treated in just 90 minutes less than the principal stations between origins, and highlights the decline of the spaghetti Westerns. And with a passion for detail-how she wants to often.

The interested audience learns, for example, as the later legend Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in the West) and Sergio Sollima (The Big Sierra Madre) agreed – encouraged by German successes such as Winnetou – nihillist to make films, so in America would probably not have been possible. It is told how Terence Hill and Bud Spencer developed the childhood heroes, they were in the 1970s and 1980s and still are. Meticulously, the two documentaries together contributed tens of video clips, interviews, and many unpublished, to a unique insight into one of the – yes, we tell you how it is – coolest film genres to give.

And who knows already that THE most legendary (Spaghetti) Western Once Upon a Time in the West was a mere contract work for Leone, because otherwise he would have gotten his epic, it was not even funded in America? Not only the original locations are visited many cult films, including interviews with the stuntmen and other employees will be conducted. Loving and inspiring to be pressed into the short season, facts, anecdotes and legends.

The intricate presentation of the DVD is rounded off with a nice featurette about the making of because they know no mercy – The Spaghetti Western.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: (# Because they know no mercy – The Spaghetti Western Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 88 (minutes) Published by: Koch Media Home Entertainment format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 4020628982423 (# ) Extras: Original Soundtrack by Yullwin Mak on a separate audio CD, featurette “In the Footsteps of Wild, Wild, West”

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