DVD – Antichrist

DVD - Antichrist


               Genre: Drama
               Marriage, God, forest, funeral, nature, the devil

therapy in the woods

  This film is an insult to the audience? An attack on entrenched viewing habits and other conventions of the cinema? A provocation for provocation’s sake? Or is there something more behind it? Lars von Trier’s Antichrist is surely one – a tour de force for the Zuschauer.Er is exposed to an almost two-hour ordeal, which is hard to bear. A spiral of violence, sex and horror – by Lars von Trier has been little else expected. Antichrist, which celebrated its world premiere in Cannes, then created a lot of stir and earned its lead actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Silver Palm, starts in September and in the German cinemas. And there will certainly make for similarly strong reactions in the media and the audience at Cannes, left the demonstrations visibly upset on the Croisette.

It’s starting with the very worst that can happen to parents: the death of her child . A pair (Er: Willem Dafoe, please: Charlotte Gainsbourg) is having sex in the shower, while increasing the child from his crib, climbs on the window sill and slips. All this is very slowly rotated in slow motion and backed up with a requiem. Visually, this prologue is great. The images then go under the skin so that a standstill if you’re watching the breath. But the cruelty here is just beginning.

Is followed by Chapter 1: Grief. At the funeral of a child, he cries, she breaks down and ends up in hospital. “But grief is not a disease,” he knows better and takes them back to back home. He is a therapist and she wants to treat themselves. As on cold drug treatment vegetate it to himself, is desperate and scared. Most fear it in front of the Garden of Eden. This is a forest where there is a wooden house, where once was with her son. And because one should fight terror with terror is best, he wants to bring them back exactly to this place.

, Chapter 2: Fear. Arrival in the forest and continue the therapy. You are all alone with ominous sounds and strangely mutilated animals, disaster hangs heavy like a thick storm cloud in the air. Noise and crackle in the sound track. We guess no good, but the two are not here for fun. When he asked about her dreams, she replies: “Dreams are not relevant in modern psychology. Freud is dead” His therapeutic approach does not seem to bear fruit. It makes him increasingly harsh accusations.

Chapter 3: desperation. By this time delicately strung viewers will leave the cinema. Torment, torture, mutilation, and again between sex and masturbation. Because she thinks he wants to leave her, she based him up. They do not want to look as accurate if it is entering a block of wood on him. And when, in Chapter 4, which calls itself “The three beggars”, both are half-dead in the corner and feel sorry for each other, one really only wants a quick end of the film. In the whole horror, there are also a few moments, bring a laugh, for example, when he asks them in the German dubbing, to settle the thing in his leg and she responds: “I can not find the wrench.” Then it has a dialog borders on the ridiculous.

As this brutal affair ends between the two should not be revealed here. It certainly is totally befuddled and removed from the cinema and takes a while to arrive back in the real world. The origin of the film, which incidentally is dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky, is in a severe depression Lars von Trier. The film was a kind of self-therapy for him. Only that we as viewers also more depressed in the movie comes and does something to cheer, he is not considered good. On the other hand, it needs to create a erstmal, touch and keeping them busy so.

In an interview with Lars von Trier talks about cognitive therapy, which he applies for two years to combat his depression. Panic is to be combated through experience. It’s the same treatment that is used in anti-Christian. Since in any case by the therapist on his own wife, although it is supposed to treat any relatives.

You have to praise the film primarily for its visual qualities. The photos were taken by Anthony Dod Mantle, the cinematographer for Slumdog Millionaire. Especially the pictures of the prologue are to be considered beautiful, and bear, given its grisly content hardly be beaten. How he captures the nature of how he can maintain the same beauty and horror, is rarely so wonderful in the cinema to see. And although it is in the midst of nature, in freedom, you will not get rid of such a claustrophobic feeling and feels constantly locked in a prison. That’s terrific. Whether you can stand the rest or face of so much horror but then fled from the cinema, is primarily due to their own capacity for suffering. For against the horror that has conjured up Lars von Trier in this film to the screen, taking the majority of horror films from relatively harmless.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Antichrist Country of production: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Poland, Italy Year of production: 2009 Length: 104 ( min) Published by: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, English, German EAN: ( #) 4048317358953 Extras: None

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