DVD – Ambush 1941

DVD - Ambush 1941

Ambush 1941

               Genre: Drama, War Film
               Second World War, Secret Mission, a nurse, Finland, soldier
  Another war film about a not so well-known chapter of World War II? Yes. But finally, a war film, with the necessary equipment and is therefore the will of the drama. Is to say, ambush in 1941 raises a moral index finger, but soberly describes the journey of a soldier. That this sometimes melodramatic doings, is okay. For the filming of the novel The Road to Rukajärvi glosses over little show and is associated with healthy enough to work hard. Good.

1941 has Hitler and Stalin divided Poland among themselves. As a start, the Russians, the Finnish Karelia to overwhelm, the Finnish government sent a small group of soldiers to reconnoiter the situation. The small patrol under the command of Lieutenant Perkola gets behind the lines. The usually cautious soldier experiences in this dicey situation, was that a convoy attacked with his fiancée. All dead! Slowly Perkola now make a transformation point by the avenging angel. That his fiancee is still alive, do not know the rabid …

The Finnish-Soviet Winter War is regarded as the so-called “forgotten war”. Few people know of him, now he has received his elaborate memorial. Great playing, well equipped and visually far above average, making Ambush 1941 “no prisoners”, but always maintains a film about the difficult love in times of war. Unfortunately provide the crude title and lurid cover that one should expect a nasty war movie. However, this will also set up quietly nuances and thoughtful moments that will surprise some.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Ambush 1941 Original Title: Rukajärven tie Country of production: Finland Year of production: 1999 Length: 117 (Min) Published by: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, Finnish EAN: 4048317357680 Extras: None

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