DVD – Alphaville

DVD - Alphaville


               Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction
               Private investigator, Paris, computers, hostess, Secret Agent

Lemmy Caution in the realm of dehumanization

  Dark, cool and threatening and permanently, this tightly-controlled world, the guise of private detective Lemmy Caution, alias Ivan Johnson (Eddie Constantine) as a reporter seeks out works in the mission to contact the secret agents employed there Henri Dickson (Akim Tamiroff) to. In the fashionable hotel, where he dismounts, teeming with so-called mediators, the detached, mechanical hostesses are equal to the men who resided there in regard to intimate services. The eerie, yet again, sober Alphaville is dominated by the mighty Alpha 60 computer, which was developed by Professor von Braun Professor aka Nosferatu (Howard Vernon). About his daughter Natacha (Anna Karina) will endeavor to Lemmy Caution to find the professor, and though emotions are just as personal ties forbidden under pain of death is unfolding between the private and the young woman a closer relationship. Together, they’re on the road in the inhospitable region, which are punishable in the human emotions such as tears, and the language is reduced to below lockout poetic and philosophical spheres to its pure functionality. It teaches Lemmy Caution in current formalisms froze Natacha, in which he is nonetheless in love, the vocabulary of emotions spilled …

Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville implemented from 1965 with his first science fiction film made in Paris was shot and dispensed in this genre usual special effects. Only by the impressive camera angles and unusual lighting installations alienated French capital transported in combination with the atmospherically dense and dark drama created the futuristic elements of this strange thriller, which repeatedly refers to the forbidden power of creativity, especially in verbal expression. That the hero of the story in the person of then-popular character of Lemmy Caution appears that appealed largely a mystery to light entertainment audience interested, looks like a calculated cynicism of the director, who thus sustained an additional aspect of alienation installed.

Alphaville, seems to have accompanied the unusual presentation with a wonderfully intense acting of Anna Karina impenetrable internal codes, was awarded the International Film Festival of Paris, the Golden Bear. The catches on the DVD extras – especially the documentation of Alphaville, Emmanuelle Franc periphery of the deals during interviews with the crew of the film in great detail with his creation, and the backgrounds – to provide informative material relating to this mysterious story, which basically less a set in the future scenario designs but more of a delicate social criticism, addressed to the retreat of the emotional world and the postulated dehumanization with the gentle arms of poetry.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Alphaville Original Title: Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution Country of production: France, Italy Year of production: 1965 (# ) Length: 105 (Min) Published by:

DVD - Alphaville

format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital Mono , German, French EAN: 4006680054445 Extras: Introduction to the film by Colin MacCabe, documentation “Alphaville periphery” by Emmanuelle Franc, posters, trailers

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