DVD – Action mutant

DVD - Action mutant

Action mutant

               Genre: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
               Terrorism, abduction, planet, mutants

Horror espanol

  It’s about time. Finally, Alex de la Iglesias gets Freako cult film action mutant of 1993 as a DVD release that it is worthy.

The story is quickly told, it serves mainly a succession of sick scenes, violence and outright nasty taboos: A group of nasty types, all of them disabled perpetrated attacks on fitness, beauty, rich etc.. All positive, the fight is announced. The hostage-taking views will be glad to go wrong and the potential victim on it goes – whatever.

To properly organized anarchists occur only when their former leader is Ramon released from prison. With him as the new old coordinator of their actions, everything will be better. The first objective is the daughter of a powerful businessman who is then kidnapped and smooth on her own wedding. On the run in a strange space vehicle that gets rid of Ramon and his troubled crew wants the ransom for their own. But during a stopover there are new problems equal: He and the princess fall into the clutches of a fat, perverted hermit family. And that knows no mercy. Moreover, the hostages has now fallen in love with Ramon, the rich daddy’s daughter does not want to go back and half the mutant action crew still alive, and meditates on revenge.

Crammed with ideas, totally politically incorrect filled with weird humor and sadistic until no longer possible – Action mutant is rightly revered by some stalwarts downright cultish. In spite of smaller lengths Action convince white mutant due to jet-black humor.

(Renatus Töpken)

Title: Action mutant Original Title: Acción mutant Country of production: Spain Year of production: 1993 Length: 91 (Min) Published by: Alamode Film format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, Spanish EAN: (# ) 4042564120813 Extras: None

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