Due vite per caso

Due vite per caso

Due vite per caso

               Genre: Drama
               Policeman, Berlinale 2010, freedom, opportunities for development, concurrency, Gardener

What if you could rewind it again?

  Matteo is in her mid-twenties. His whole life is still ahead of him with endless opportunities for development. At least tell everyone. Matteo worked as a gardener, evening walks with friends in the bar, drinking, flirting, having fun. But everything changes when his friend Sandro one evening cut your finger. Matteo goes into the hospital. Under an unlit bridge he accidentally slams into a car. No one is hurt, but it turns out that the car is a police car and with the police you put in to Italy do not. The officers in civilian clothes got out and Matteo’s life changes forever. Both boys are beaten almost krankenhausreif displayed. Matteo did not want to put up with, but his hands are tied. For the first time confronted with the fact that it is taken to determine the possibility of his own life, makes him angry. Rewind. Matteo takes his friend into the hospital. Under an unlit bridge, he almost slams into a car, one of the two policemen in civilian clothes. But only almost. The police did not get off, Matteo will not be beaten. All is well and life goes on. Matteo finally advertises itself as the police, because his job as a gardener does not bring enough money. But during his training, he begins to notice that his financial situation has made him the opportunity to determine his life itself. And that makes him angry.

Two lives, two different ways, but the problem remains the same. The promised development of ways to remain, the resulting powerlessness creates angry young men. The idea, which is due vite per caso based, could not be more explosive and contemporary. She meets exactly the point, and the lifestyle of many young people around the world, which for various reasons are not just the free generation, as they will always suggested. Implement the realization that freedom is promised, but much of this potential shortage, leaving people like Matteo, which can not cope with the disappointment and resort to radical and sometimes violent means.

Unfortunately, the implementation of this idea mangelhat in the movie. The fact that many works currently working with parallel structures is not new. So you have to put up with as a filmmaker, with his predecessors, which can use the same narrative trick to compare. And here the film falls flat. When dealing with various levels of time and narrative strands, then it is usually messy, and it is an art to keep all the threads in their hands. Unfortunately creates not due vite per caso. A few of the strands are lost in the turmoil, the story is here and there so unclear that we as viewers have to guess and insecure is because you simply lose the thread. For example, some minor character also vanishes in this chaos, or remains superficial and underdeveloped. Even if the final product is still interesting to watch, so you get along with a steady hand-held camera, unfortunately, remains far below the potential that the story actually has.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: due vite per caso Original Title: Maybe One Life Two Country of production: Italy Year of production: 2010 Length: 88 (Min)

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