Dreamer – A dream comes true

Dreamer - A dream comes true

Dreamer – A Dream Come True

  Does anyone still remember the Robert Redford and his role in The Horse Whisperer / The Horse Whisperer? I just say once that the film was a clever woman film calculated: For the smart bob, noble steeds, and a moving story, there were no less than three powerful reasons for the female audience to storm this film. Incidentally, even the men’s world was not neglected, because in addition to the elegant Kristin Scott Thomas was here, “everybody’s sexy girl” Scarlett Johansson one her first major film appearances. If Dakota Fanning is ever a second Scarlett, here is an open question, in any case is just 12 years old become young actress for several years thick in the business and can already look back as the youngest actress ever nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

The Dreamer – is a dream come true Dakota Fanning as Cale Crane, whose father Ben (Kurt Russell) and grandfather, Pop (Kris Kristofferson operates once) were successful horse breeder. But when money became scarce, the Cranes had to sell the horses, and today their stud farm, the only one out there that houses no horses. Instead, Ben is working only as a coach for the heartless and Delta-stable owner Palmer (David Morse), the animals and humans treated the same – namely, equally bad.

One of the unwritten rules of horse racing that, if a horse breaks his leg, no chance for a comeback and is therefore often euthanized after injury. When Palmer’s talented filly Sonador (Spanish: dreamer), called Sonya, breaks her leg during a pre-race, the owner wants to kill the animal immediately, but at the urging of his daughter, Ben refuses to obey orders of his boss sequence. Clear that Palmer can not tolerate so much obstinacy, and said Ben promptly loses his job. As compensation, however, he must take the injured animal, and now working with three generations of Cranes like mad in the care of the animal and prepare secretly, quietly before the comeback of a gallop, which – as wonderful as it is predictable – of course, to a great triumph perseverance is.

Dreamer – A dream come true is a typical American feel-good movie for the whole family without too high expectations, but take with plenty of great feelings, now and then the border to kitsch in stride. The family unit of the good, the belief in themselves and, of course, the irrepressible American dream that anyone can do it, come back from the bottom upwards, against all odds, leave little room for surprises. Truly remarkable and worth seeing when Dreamer is above all the fast-racing scenes filmed and of course Dakota Fanning, the precocious with her charm, her blond angel hair and the huge children’s eyes everybody’s sympathy on their side and all screen sizes, such as Kurt Russell, Kris Kristofferson and Elisabeth Shue loose play on the wall. Familienkompatible maintenance of conservative values and transparent way for friends tended to be quite kitsch recommend.

Title: Dreamer – A Dream Come True Original Title: Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story Country of production: USA Year of production: 2005 Length: 104 (Min) of material: Kinowelt

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