Do not Come Knocking – Cannes 2005

Do not Come Knocking - Cannes 2005

Do not Come Knocking – Cannes 2005

  Anticipated with great excitement was the only German competition entry at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – Do not Come Knocking by Wim Wenders. The high expectation was based, inter alia by the fact that Wenders was working on his latest film together again with Sam Shepard, with whom he also Paris, Texas had turned the film, which was the last German film to win a Palme d’Or. In the case of Do not Come Knocking is characterized Shepard is responsible for the screenplay and also took over the lead role of the aging Western actor Howard Spence.

Spence is an actor specializing in westerns. During the filming of his latest film in Monument Valley Spence feels that he will die soon. No wonder the man has but a life full of excesses behind. Quickly decided he jumps on his horse and rides off. Spence first target is his mother (Eva Marie Saint), with whom he had for more than thirty years of no contact. She tells him that he has a child who apparently lived in Butte, Montana. Meanwhile, a private investigator hired by the film fixed on heels Spence, who was hired by the film to bring the fugitive back to the actor set. Spence makes his way to Butte, where he found one of his numerous love affairs again, Doreen (Jessica Lange), who actually get a child by him. The Filius Earl (Gabriel Mann) is very allergic to his father, who’d then also must show that he has), but also a daughter named Sky (Sarah Polley, whose mother is already dead, however. In contrast to her step-brother Earl Sky is pleased to Spence, at least it’s a little fascinated by him.

, Wim Wenders has insisted repeatedly that America is the land of his dreams. In Do not Come Knocking, he deals with two central themes. Wenders first relates to the demystification of an American icon, the cowboy. Spence, of all the traditional attributes of the Western neat “has Lonsome riders” will face during his ride back into his own past with the effects of his earlier actions. One can not say that out of the Saul now a Paul would, but at least he is a little scratching their heads. Moreover, the film deals with the importance of family conditions, similar to the way, how can Jim Jarmusch Broken Flowers, which also ran in the competition.

Wenders winning film at Cannes? One possibility would be that already. Do not Come Knocking has highlighted an excellent cast and good humor, are especially the performances of Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange. Cinematographer Franz Lustig conjure up a majestic time after time images on the screen, which strongly recall the paintings of Edward Hopper and Wenders tells the story of a laconic and seasoned with plenty of humor. On Saturday evening we are all wiser.

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Title: Do not Come Knocking – Cannes 2005 Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 122 (min) of material: Reverse Angle / UIP

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