Devid Striesow – Biography and Filmography

Devid Striesow - Biography and Filmography

Devid Striesow – biography and filmography

  Devid Striesow was born in 1973 on the complaints, he grew up in Rostock. When he was 17 and the wall fell, broke his apprenticeship as a goldsmith on along with the training in air. He completed his acting studies at the Ernst Busch School of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. There he was in the same class with Fritzi Haberlandt and Nina Hoss. The conclusion, 1999 was followed by guest engagements, among other things at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, at the Renaissance Theater and at the Schauspielhaus in Dusseldorf.

In 2000, he debuted as a movie actor in the film, Ingrid Noll is the cold evening breeze (2000, director): Rainer Kaufmann. Since then he has shot almost continuously for the cinema and television and played at the theater. He plays very versatile and play different roles.

In Lights (2003, directed by Hans-Christian Schmid) he plays a mattress seller in the West, in The Counterfeiters (2007, directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky), an SS officer and Yella (2007, directed by Christian Petzold) an employee of a private equity firm. At the Berlinale 2007, he was even represented the same in both German competition entries, the counterfeiters and Yella.

On a certain type Striesow is hard to define. So he took on additional roles as a sergeant in The Downfall (2004, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel), as the husband of Eden (2006, directed by Michael Hofmann), and as a blond, blue-eyed instructor in Napola (2004, directed by Dennis Gansel).

Even in the films of the Berlin School Striesow often indicates presence. For Ulrich Köhler, he stood him Bungalow (2000) and Montag kommen die Fenster (2006) before the camera. Likewise, he has played twice for Angela Schanelec slow in My Life (2001) and Marseille (2004). Also in Am Guilty (2005, directed by Christoph Hochhäusler) and now in Christian Petzold’s Yella (2007). On television he is known from many movies and as assistant to Bella Block .

Devid Striesow was awarded the Prize of the German Film Critics Award for bungalow, the nomination for the German Film Award 2003 for the lights, the theater today Prize and the Alfred-Kerr-actor prize 2004.

Filmography — Devid Striesow

Bella Block – Travel to China (TV) (directed by Chris Kraus)
12 means I love you (TV) (directed by Connie Walter)
(# ) 2007
Deadline – Every Second Counts – tunnel vision (TV) (Director: Thorsten Schmidt)
Float (Directed by Andreas Kleinert)
Bella Block – White Nights (TV) (directed by Christian von Castelberg) ( #) Copacabana (TV) (director: Xaver Schwarzenberger)
To (to the elbow Director: Justus von Dohnanyi)
The Counterfeiters (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
Yella (Director: Christian Petzold)
The Heart is a dark forest (Director: Nico Krebitz)

The free float (Directed by Andreas Kleinert)
Eden (directed by Michael Hofmann)
Valerie (Director: Birgit Möller) ( #)
The Red Cockatoo (directed by Dominik Graf)
The boxer (directed by Catharina Deus)
Am Guilty (Director: Christopher Hochhäusler)
Montag kommen die Fenster (director: Ulrich Köhler)

The Fall (directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel)
Marseille (Director: Angela Schanelec)
Napola (Director: Dennis Gansel)

2003 (# ) Lights (directed by Hans-Christian Schmid)
If you have Knut (Director: Stefan Krohmer)

bungalow (Director: Ulrich Köhler)
My first miracle (directed by Anne Wild )

What to do in Case of Fire (directed by Gregor Schnitzler)
My slow life (Director: Angela Schanelec)

America (Director: Jens Jenson , Stephan-Flint Müller)
is the cold evening breeze (Director: Rainer Kaufmann)

Devid Striesow – biography and filmography

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