Delta – Cannes 2008

Delta - Cannes 2008

Delta – Cannes 2008

  An incestuous brother and sister love is at the heart of the Hungarian-German co-production Delta, the director Kornél Mundruczó in competition at the Cannes Film Festival presented. Delta receives its name from the scene of the events and the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea – one of the few remaining archaic scenery in Europe, which also prevail in just such manners, if you can give Mundruczó faith.

After a long absence returns the brother (Felix Lajkó) back home. There he meets seems to be the first time at his sister (Orsolya Tóth), and his mother (Lili Monori) and her new lover (Sandor Gaspar). Without many words are withdrawing brother and sister in a dilapidated hut on the banks of the delta. In the lonely wilderness, the pair began to build a bridge to silence, at the end, they construct a stilt house. The villagers show the relationship between the two is not enthusiastic. The inauguration of the new dwelling, is invited to the entire village, it also forms the prelude to the end of a tragedy.

Certify Almost unanimously the reviews delta-quality image and sound design, however, complain the austerity and simplicity of the plot. A. O. Scott wrote in The New York Times: “The problem with Delta is that the film as a romantic comedy from Hollywood, there are content to exist within its own limited objectives. One can hardly imagine that for films like this, in other places besides Cannes audience is. ” Eddie Cockrel from Variety is convinced that some visitors would find the film as profoundly inscrutable, while others would see him only as dry as dust. Dan Fainaru of Screen Daily is however full of praise and compares Delta with a Greek tragedy, which also has a rich and finely engraved film language. On Wolfgang Höbel even speculated that Delta is a candidate for the Palme d’Or: “A sense of the present, for the problems and worries that people today will affect us much, the Palme d’Or on Sunday with the film to be honored Award, has Penn (Sean Penn is president of the International Jury, n. predicts ed). Mundruczós parable of the murderous Ausgrenzungswahn since .”
fits naturally into the grid

Title: Delta – Cannes 2008 Country of production: Germany, Hungary Year of production: 2008 Length: 92 (Min) (# )

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