De-Lovely – The Cole Porter Story

De-Lovely - The Cole Porter Story

De-Lovely – The Cole Porter Story

  Swing is in! At least since Robbie Williams’ swing album, the former favorite of our fathers and grandfathers once hard to come. Time for Hollywood filmmakers, including the songwriter cheer on film at the time. One of the most elegant composer Cole Porter was no doubt that international hits such as “Night and Day” or “I Love Paris” and wrote as one of America’s largest and most successful composers of the 20th Century holds. The director Irvin Winkler, who had a total of 45-times nominated for an Oscar, has now taken on Porter’s life and made it a worth seeing music film, which also provide for the musical highlights of the handle in his hand. Besides, quite unexpectedly – Robbie Williams among others connect to Mick Hucknall, Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall and Alanis Morissette perform and the unforgettable songs of Porter.

In 1964, sits Cole Porter (Kevin Kline) old and ill at his piano and voiced one of his greatest successes, “Night and Day”. His thoughts wandered back to the years of his great successes, a director (Jonathan Pryce) – Death may be – is making a ghostly empty theater, which is populated as if by magic, with the composer taking a journey through the past, during which he the most important stages of his life can be in review. In addition to the musical challenges that proves to be above all the love for his wife Linda (Ashley Judd) and a series of disasters and accidents as a serious test.

De-Lovely is not an authentic biopic, but rather a tribute to composer and Cole Porter with incurable romantics deliberately dreamlike and fantastical elements. Despite all the idealizations and simplifications, it is understood, the film nonetheless paint a complex picture of the character and person, and also by Porter’s rich imagery and stirring music. The complex interweaving of time levels prevents the film from time to time, however, really get going, but to understand what make up the musical performances again.

Title: De-Lovely – The Cole Porter Story Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2003 Length: 125 (min .) Rental: 20th Century Fox

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