Deathlike sleep – Insomnia – TV-Tip of the Week

Deathlike sleep - Insomnia - TV-Tip of the Week

Death sleep – Insomnia – TV-Tip of the Week

  Hollywood’s appetite for good stories is insatiable, and it has already become a tradition that you can roam again looking into the old Europe, which turns out not only as a lucrative market for its own films, but time and again for new substances ensures that can be recycled as remakes CD again. Similarly, the TV-Tip this week, which was founded in 2002 by directing talent Christopher Nolan (Memento), entitled Insomnia with Al Pacino and Robin Williams re-filmed. The template for this thriller dates from 1997 and comes from Norway.

, The Swedish Commissioner Jonas Engström (Stellan Skarsgård) is a hard-bitten cop who has seen a lot of corpses. When he is sent together with his colleague Vik in the north of Norway, there to investigate a bestial murder of a student, the case also leaves him very cold. What does make him much more, however, is the seemingly without ceasing sun which rob him of sleep. Finally, it is possible Engstrom, put the murderer into a trap and convert these together with some colleagues in a barn. But in the dense fog, the Commissioner shoot the wrong man, his partner Vik. To save his skin, Engstrom covered up the crime and manipulated the evidence so that the impression arises that the killer also has the police on his conscience.

In the meantime, the police succeeded in identifying the perpetrators, and indeed the writer Jon Holt Engstrom admits to the deed. But the killers feared no consequences, for he has seen how the Commissioner thinks his partner shot and have him in hand. To save his own skin, should cover Engstrom’s murderer, but things are finally different.

As with Hitchcock’s magnificent thriller North by Northwest is not in the movie Death Sleep – Insomnia, the threat in the blackness of night, but in the blinding brightness of the Norwegian summer, which the Commissioner to sleep and finally brings to the mind. In the north, the merciless light of things lose their contrasts, good and evil are becoming indistinguishable. But the all-pervading light of the film casts only a shadow on the more severe battering in the darkness of Engstrom’s soul and on the debt, which he has loaded up.

Title: dead sleep – Insomnia – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Norway Year of production: 1997 Length: 91 minutes (min .)

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