Genre: Thriller, Horror
               Video tape, ghost, house, screenwriter, Bath
  Rather slowly it happens in Sean McConville’s directorial debut. Haunted house, or psychological thriller ghost story – all the possible elements are represented. There is also a good cast, with Brittany Murphy (8 Mile, Sin City) and Thora Birch (American Beauty) is led by two strong women. Who inexperienced in ghost stories in the style of Gothika and shadow is the truth, will probably be a good time. All others could be somewhat disappointed, as there is little new to see.

In order to devote themselves to their new script and to process their failed relationship, runs screenwriter Alice (a sexy fucked up, but, surprisingly, always acting listless Brittany Murphy) return to an old country house. There they feel already from the first night, “Here is someone died.” A closer investigation of the house Alice comes across a box of video tapes, which come from the previous owners. On these we see how the young couple, David and Lucy, more and more divided, because David is pathologically jealous of his wife and films become ever more intrusive with the video camera. As the situation escalates to the video, Alice noticed also that in the big house is no longer alone. Not only seems to work around a spirit – also presumed dead suddenly appears on David …

… latter phrase, incidentally, is betrayed even on the cover text, so the reviewer verkneift good conscience the spoiler alert. It’s really nice that time not only one person needs to be convinced that something is wrong. Author Alice is well aware of the situation quickly and draw her. It also manages the director, the house as the other main actors to stage and create a nice creepy atmosphere. But unfortunately, too much ahem, not exactly subtle tells, and despite just 85 minutes to sneak a few lengths. It is bizarre, but the horror is mitigated by the bad stylized atmosphere.

Daeadline nothing and nothing is half a whole, as the movie can not decide what he wants to be. For horror / scary it is far too little ghosts, happened for a thriller and too little for a genre-crossover, the mixture is too unbalanced. The shame, because deadline was Murphy’s last film before her tragic death. Deadline is still viewable, it should happen on a quiet movie.

(Renatus Töpke)

Title: Deadline Country of production: U.S., Malaysia Production year: 2009 Length: 85 (Min.) (# Released) at Euro Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, English EAN: 4009750286555 Extras: No

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