Days or hours

Days or hours
               Genre: drama, literature
  Antoine Méliot is in his mid-forties, a partner in an advertising agency and worked for the rich and famous. Accordingly, his conduct looks and sees from the outside you could be downright envious. One day, however, everything goes awry and he throws overboard, what he had been rock solid: job, family and friends.

At first it seems funny and still laugh when Antoine (Albert Dupontel) unexpectedly the claims and demands of its advertisers with repulsive stubbornness and obstinacy prevented blatant. But quickly shows that it is serious and furious, the man stuck in a terrible crisis in their lives must be, otherwise he would not have this permanent derailment. The customers are upset, the counterparty alienated, frustrated, the wife and even his children are suffering from a lifeless, and his aggressive behavior. Because it reacts very sharply to the self-painted pictures of the children’s hands and responds with unsparing honesty and dignity: here the line would be better painted, where everything was shown to be unrealistic and even the drawing does not correspond to the fundamental ability of a student … His wife Cecile (Marie-Josee Croze), the world understands, and it is no longer – nor the audience. What’s going on inside this man that he resorts to such radical means to attack the society, family and friends around her to deconstruct? Even his beloved Marion (Alessandra Martines) is disturbed by his behavior, although it is treated at the mildest of all. The Circle of Friends is confronted with Antoine’s birthday with his meanest dark side because he can almost come to a rape, provoked a fight and go a lot to be broken – both materially and emotionally. Antoine tries then run away, and slowly the audience is aware of the causes of his behavior. For Antoine begins a journey in which he proves human than ever, as he absentmindedly on the autobahn races, restaurants under his social status visits, a penniless hitchhikers spontaneously gives a larger amount of money and not least his father a last or first visit abstattet. He lives in Ireland, for decades had no contact with his son, and suddenly everything makes sense. Antoine wants to make peace. Father and son come to fly fishing in more detail, and a brittle sympathy spreads between the unequal equality. Ultimately it for Antoine is a journey toward self, and to find the roots of his humanity. )

Jean Becker (Dialogue with my gardener has rotated with days or hours a disturbing film, the constantly shuttling between hope and despair. Almost unbearable for the audience the tensions that arise between Antoine and his lover, because he – instead of being polite and affectionate – is honest and merciless. This honesty has nothing to do with a good-natured honest person, but it is destructive and devastating. It will hurt other Kleinmachnow, and humble, because Antoine with the pain that were inflicted on him and will, can not handle. True to the motto “Attack is the best defense”, he hurt all the people who had been important and dear to him. Quintessence of this film remains a fragile sense of the powerlessness of the protagonists, but also a critical eye for the rigors of life. When Antoine would not have happened, what is found at the end of the film as a reason for all his actions, he would have acted differently. If his father had not abandoned him as a child, he would be able to live loving his interpersonal contacts. If he can not, however, because in the intervening years, he obviously was not in a position to work on themselves. Antoine shattered by his life situation, instead of growing it.

A film whose impressions of the audience between sympathy and antipathy, or understanding and misunderstanding back and forth tearing. Thoughtful, troubling and disturbing!

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: days or hours Original Title: Deux jours à tuer Country of production: France Year of production: 2008 Length: ( #) 85 (Min) of material: Arsenal Film Distribution

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