Days and Clouds

Days and Clouds
               Genre: Drama
  The social decline, slipping in precarious living conditions and the related experience of existential distress – all this is now probably one of the biggest fears of the bourgeoisie in Central Europe. That specter that no deal only in Germany but also Italy is concerned, shows Silvio Soldini, the director of Bread and Tulips / Pane e Tulipani in his new film Days and Clouds / Giorni e Nuvole. And although the film is located in Genoa and the port city on the Riviera always brings into the picture could be the story being told Soldini, across central Europe to play – in Hamburg and Munich, Marseille or Liverpool.

Elsa (Margherita Buy) and Michele (Antonio Albanese) are a couple in their 40s who live in secure conditions and their almost adult daughter Alice (Alba Rohrwacher long) stands on its own feet. While Elsa at the beginning of the film completes her doctoral thesis in art history and works without a significant payment to the university, Michele earned as director of a company the money to contest from both its relatively high living standards. The couple lives in a spacious old building, likes to travel, frequently meets friends for dinner – in short, they live a carefree life. As Elsa and experiences but do not know until after her graduation: The facade of middle-class life has given breaks, Michele has been urged by his partners in the firm and has been for two months now without a job – the financial situation is already tense, without which Elsa too much would have noticed.

Under the increasing financial pressures, it is primarily the art historian who is facing the challenges and is active – she gives up her work at the university and its concern two jobs, at least a small bring some money into the treasury. Michele, however, is frustrated and bitterly about his former colleagues and friends who have just pushed him out of the company.

Quickly becoming apparent that the apartment will be not last long, especially since Michele’s efforts to find a new remain adequate job without success. But still is safeguarded against the friends of the certificate, invoices will be paid for the dinners at the restaurant, even though the money actually no longer enough. Finally, the frustrated even takes a job as a messenger and also renovated with two unemployed former employees of his former company houses in the neighborhood ordinary, in the Elsa and he move.

And it’s not just the financial situation turns out to be stressful: The longer the plight of Elsa and Michele, the more their relationship to the breaking point. All the security is to ascertain whether the couple will master the burden is becoming increasingly open …

Pleasant withdrawn and quiet, with much feeling for nuances Silvio Soldini tells his story of a social decline and observed to the implications of such changes on people and their relationships to each other. The simplicity of the staging is unhurried and especially room for careful and precise watched psychological nuances. Insensibly associate the traditional gender roles and relationships which are themselves Italian in the enlightened middle class still seem to be remarkably strong: While Michele for the first time perhaps, powerlessness, helplessness and anger experienced if the humiliations suffered, it is so far above all the fine arts facing Elsa, who ultimately proves to be pragmatic and to tackle problems and not resigned.

So completely without emotion is also in this film about the slow downward mobility does not, how often in Italian films, it is also called the first film score, which often scenes of great intensity zukleistert with a thick Klangsoße . And that in the end, the couple is back together, is nice (also for the spectators), but it remains likely that this small fortune in the great misfortune not every pair is allotted, which is located in a similar situation. Taken

That Silvio Soldinis days and cloudy / Giorni e Nuvole a sore point and has reflected the fears of many people, can also be reflected in the success, this film was summoned to his home: More than 1.3 million spectators flocked to the cinemas to see the film. In addition, days and cloudy / Giorni e Nuvole won two awards at the David di Donatello Italian film awards.

If Elsa and Michele at the end on the floor and look at the restored ceiling fresco, above the Elsa wrote in its promotion, then the viewer suspects that the real treasure is not in the highest, but on the ground The fact is – it is the solidarity of a couple that has decided to hold each other: In good times and bad. This may seem to many viewers, perhaps naively, ultimately, but Soldini shows face tremendous social changes and uncertainties that social Haltenetze have long since replaced by the private and personal relationships. Well, who can rely on in difficult times such a personal network and a stable relationship.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Days and Clouds Original Title: Giorni e nuvole Country of production: Italy, Switzerland Year of production: 2007 Length: 115 (Min) of material: Movienet Film Distribution ISBN: 4009750216309

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