David Wants To Fly

David Wants To Fly

David Wants to Fly

               Genre: Documentary
               Berlinale 2010, Yogi, David Lynch, Tranzendental meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  David Lynch is probably pretty much any film directors a term. His works have inspired a whole generation of young filmmakers. So also David Sieveking. Fresh out of film school, he is now looking for a good project, an idea for his first work. But the inspiration leaves him in the lurch. So he turns to his Filmguru David Lynch, considers the chance in a small village in the United States giving a speech on Tranzendental Meditation (TM). What not many know, the director has for decades been supporters of this theory, invented by none other than the icon of the 1960s, Hippe mysticism Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. So this was really known as the Beatles and Mia Farrow with him, meditated and spent several months with him in India. There they learned Maharishi Yoga techniques that were later known as the Tranzendental Meditation (TM) and worldwide spread. If, therefore, in a sense of crisis and his role model suddenly you recommend for a little peace of mind to meditate, then you’re doing das

This goes to David Sieveking on the path of a student’s TM, the first system with a Donation of a considerable sum of money begins. That leads him to serve on the enlightened path of the master and teaches him to meditate, which – as the theory – once Yogic Flying can. Sieveking documented with the gentle irony on himself a better human being. This leads him his way into the TM’s headquarters, with other supporters and again and again to David Lynch. As long as the young filmmaker is willing to uncritically believe what he hears he will always kindly invited. But Sieveking begins to doubt and goes to the question of whether TM is not actually a cult.

The documentation is therefore twofold. Those which concern the history and recent events happening around the TM, the other is about the director himself, his life and his relationship also to the fore, and thus the personal side tried to portray a TM practitioners. To succeed, unfortunately, does not really like him. This is Sieveking too interested in Berlin as a cool young filmmakers represent that rotates with flippant humor, his films and take them to the currently popular “Just not too serious” label there. Interestingly, however, he begins thus a small piece of a Berlin reality and shows a bit of young media and film scene, which is just beginning a new wave of German cinema to create. Is not that interesting, but hardly fits with the other part of the documentation: the question of whether TM is now a cult is and what is happening behind the scenes. Here strives Sieveking most extensive research and has luck. It grants him entry into the main headquarters, he often must confer with David Lynch and even during the funeral ceremony of Maharishi spot. Wonderfully, the recordings from the Urania in Berlin, when a TM representative said it had bought the Devil’s Mountain, in order to settle there, yogic flying, meditate for the “invincible Germany”.

David wants to Fly is a very interesting, although not consistent documentation, but it is worth seeing only the object of Investigation motion.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: David Wants to Fly Country of production: Germany, Switzerland, Austria Year of production: 2010 Length: 96 (minutes)

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