Daniel Brühl – Biography and Filmography

Daniel Brühl - Biography and Filmography

Daniel Brühl – biography and filmography

  Daniel Bruhl is now certainly one of the most famous German actors in general and the dream of many a mother. As Alex, who brings to life for his mother’s heart disease, the GDR again, Daniel Brühl has played in the hearts of millions of viewers. For his role in Wolfgang Becker’s comedy Good Bye, Lenin! He was awarded the German Film Award in 2004, with Lola as Best Actor and the Audience Award consideration. A remarkable achievement for an actor who became famous without ever having attended acting school. Collected

His first film experience Daniel Bruehl, who was born in 1978 in Barcelona, in 1995 with Miguel Alexandre’s The Covenant, The Bloody Ernst (1997) by Bernd Böhlich, Utopia (1998) by Friedemann Fromm, Vanessa Jopp Honolulu ( 1999) and Sheri Elwood Deeply (followed by 1999).

The breakthrough came with him to the cinema school success (2000) by Marco Petry. As early as 2002 he was honored for his extraordinary performance in Tyler Walker No Regrets, Zoltan Spirandellis Vaya Con Dios, and mainly in Hans Weingartner’s The White Sound with the German Film Award as Best Actor. In 2003 you could see the 25-year-olds also in Züli Aladag boxing drama Elephant Heart (2002) on the canvas.

2004 Daniel Bruhl was in the box office hit The Love in Thoughts on the movie screen presence. Then, the fat years are followed by (2004), again a collaboration with director Hans Weingartner. The film was successful not only in Germany but was highly respected abroad, it was the first German film in the decades after attending the prestigious film festival in Cannes.

Only the “nice boy next door” image nervt Daniel Bruhl gradually. He has recently admitted that he would also like to zuzulegen provide 50 kilos when he the role of a villain in a James Bond movie should play.

Filmography – Daniel Brühl

Angel Makers (directed by Jon Amiel)

Lila, Lila (directed by Alain Gsponer)
Las madres de Elna (directed by Manuel Huerga)
John Rabe (Director: Florian Gallenberger )
The Countess (Director: Julie Delpy)

Un poco de chocolate (directed Aitzol Aramaio)
Krabat (Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner)

2007 ( #) The Bourne Ultimatum (directed by Paul Greengrass)
Deux jours à Paris (Director: Julie Delpy)
In Tranzit (directed by Tom Roberts)

Cargo (Director: Clive Gordon)
A friend of mine (Director: Sebastian Schipper)
Salvador Puig Antich (Salvador – Fighting for Freedom, directed by Manuel Huerga)

Merry Christmas (Director: Christian Carion)
Ladies in Lavender (Director: Charles Dance)

The Edukators (Director: Hans Weingartner)
Farland (Director: Michael Klier)
( #) 2003
What Love in Thoughts (directed by Achim von Borries)
Good Bye, Lenin! (Directed by Wolfgang Becker)

Elephant Heart (directed by Züli Aladag)
Vaya Con Dios (Director: Zoltan Spirandelli)

The White Noise (Directed Hans Weingartner)
No Regrets (Director: Tyler Walker)

School (Director: Marco Petry)

Deeply (directed by Sheri Elwood)


Daniel Brühl – biography and filmography

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