Dani Levy – Biography and Filmography

Dani Levy - Biography and Filmography

Dani Levy – biography and filmography

  Dani Levy was born in 1957 in Basel and has lived in Berlin since 1980. After a wild childhood and adolescence as a clown and an acrobat in the circus than a rock band and a guitarist, as he himself says, mediocre Abi, he played in Basle (1977 – 79) and Berlin (1980 – 83) theater before it with you I also submitted (1986) makes his directorial debut, for which he received the same award for best comedy film on the festival of Vevey.

Other awards he received for his 1988 shot RobbyKallePaul (Audience Award at the Max Ophüls Festival 1989) and in 1991 created what I On Mars (the FIPRESCI award for best film at San Sebastian ).
( #) with his shot for the WDR Short Without Me (1993), which opened a series of films against the newly strengthened right-wing extremism in Germany, he won the Best Director Award of the Hypo Bank in Munich Film Festival. A year later, Dani Levy founded together with Stefan Arndt, Wolfgang Becker and Tom Tykwer, the production company X Filme Creative Pool.

Silent Night (1995), the first film, produced under the auspices of X movies, got underway in 1996 in the International Competition of the Berlin Film Festival. Levy 1997, after ten years devoted himself to screenwriting and development work for the realization of a heart’s blood project: Meschugge. The complex thriller was created in 1998 premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Meschugge won in 1999 with Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer and the Bavarian Film Prize for Best Cinematography.

In the same year, the director shot in Iceland and Munich, the secret, the security, the first 360-degree film for the Autostadt Wolfsburg. In spring 2001, Levy made his first video clip: The music Adriano – Last warning was interpreted by the Brothers Keepers, a grouping of 14 African-German artists (including Xavier Naidoo, Samy Deluxe, Tyron Ricketts and Sékou). The music video was one of the most-played clips of the year 2001 on VIVA and MTV. With his family drama, fathers, followed in 2002 a highly topical and lebensnahes portrait of a generation that wants everything and always fail to our own requirements, threatens. In September 2004, Dani Levy’s stretch of road
is celebrating Free view of the Mediterranean Sea Premiere. For the Theater Basel, the filmmakers staged a walk through his hometown when the story of two unequal brothers – against the background of the left scene and the political unrest in Basle in the eighties and nineties.
2004 Levy’s biggest success so far succeeded, the comedy Alles auf Zucker! Who could win a total of 6 German Film Awards in the categories of Best Director, Best Actor, Best Score, Best Screenplay and Best Costume Design and weeks, the art-house charts . led

2005 Dani Levy, Wolfgang Becker and Tom Tykwer founded the production company Y films.

On 9.2.2007 Dani Levy’s controversial celebrated comedy Mein Fuehrer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler its premiere in Germany’s biggest cinema, the Essenes Lichtburg. Though distanced herself actor Helge Schneider before the premiere of the film, could the work, for despite all the criticism, already set at the start date at the head of the German film charts.

Filmography – Dani Levy (director)

Mein Fuehrer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler

Alles auf Zucker!


Adriano – Letzte Warnung (music video)

The secret of the security (short)

1997 ( #) Meschugge

Silent Night

Without Me

I Was On Mars

1988 (# ) RobbyKallePaul

1986 (# Thou Me, too)

Photo (C) Joachim Gern

Dani Levy – biography and filmography

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