Dancing With Myself

Dancing With Myself

Dancing With Myself

  Again and again it draws the two Berlin directors Judith Keil and Antje Kruska, which is out in a practical seminar of the filmmaker Andres Veiel (Blackbox BRD, have learned to Acting), on special topics. In its previous three common films are distinguished from behind all the normal activities of daily living the great dramas of human life, but always tempered by the nature of the story and the loving production of the filmmakers. Was it was traced in the movie The splendor of Berlin nor the maids, whose big dreams and small hopes, joins the protagonists in the new film by filmmakers Dancing With Myself another way in – the joy of dancing.

Reinhard (63), Mario (36) and Laurin (18) are the three main characters of Dancing With Myself, and connects not only the passion for dance, the three still something together – somehow, all three problems with the life. And for all is the dance – as different as it may be – a kind of therapy to deal with the adversities of life, they think of the body and dance freely. Reinhard Borutta example, has suffered for years under massive rob sleep disorders, which he almost any energy and vitality. Gladly he would like his role model Zorba, who even in the most difficult moments of the concerns and needs just pushed aside and a Sirtaki places on the boards of the prior affirmation of life only as sprays. Sadly, the passion for the Greek dance, the only connection to the great Greeks, and the longer the movie plays, the more clear that Reinhard’s problems lie mainly in his psyche.

Sönke Mario World is, however, the normal nightclubs, where he dances his lifelong frustrations of the soul. He is a wanderer between worlds, a real successor to Tony Maneros from Saturday Night Fever, but without the glamor factor. The trained locksmith keeps difficulty with gigs over water, has no longer see a failed marriage behind him and allowed his two children. Laurin, finally, just 18 years old, uses the dance floor as their platform. Here, in the hottest clubs, she finds the stage for their elaborate costumes and masquerades, here it is the “Queen of the Night”. But the self-expression and self-affirmation has its price: The more the student makes the night into day, the greater the fall in school performance.

How sobering to look at the individual stories may be, always Judith Keil and Antje Kruska be exercised at any distance to those portrayed a kind of cinematic mercy, put their protagonists with their dreams, hopes, and never merely human weaknesses but instead show their fortunes in the past, using the almost poetic metaphor of the dance. The look and the attitude is reminiscent of some places almost to a film directed by Andreas Dresen, and then stick to the occasional chuckle here and shock the scale.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Dancing With Myself Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 96 (Min) of material: Time Bandits Film Distribution

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