Dance Dreams

Dance Dreams

Dance Dreams

               Genre: Documentary
               Dance, Berlinale 2010, ballet, choreography, Pina Bausch

The emotions get to dance

  One could only wonder whether there may after the great success of Rhythm is it another dance project with young people. The answer is positive: Dance Dreams – dancing teenagers Kontakthof by Pina Bausch is despite many parallels their own accents. For the fans of Pina Bausch, it is the last encounter with the legendary artist. She died in June 2009, but could still see a rough version of the film.

“Contact zone” is a dance drama of the dancer, choreographer and theater director Pina Bausch, which was performed in 1978 to the first time. It’s about a place where people are seeking contact. So displays of affection and aggression, of desires and disappointments, the great love and great sorrow. Pina Bausch has then staged the same play again in 2000, but this time with an amateur group of seniors over 65 And to fully make the generation series, the project was created in 2006, the play with young amateurs 14 to 18 establishes a newly other touch to give.

When she heard was director Anne Linsel so excited that she immediately Pina Bausch asked for permission to be allowed to shoot at the rehearsals. The result is a documentary, where you can feel every second, how much heart and soul is in him. The director is a great admirer of Pina Bausch. They alone have seen the play “contact zone” about 30 times, “she said at the world premiere of the film at Berlin’s Friedrichstadt Palast in the framework of the Berlinale.

But Anne and her cameraman Linsel Rainer Hoffmann did not go over-ambitious, but wonderfully relaxed, warm-hearted and humorous to the point. In the year and a half of rehearsals (both Saturday), they won the confidence of the forty students from eleven schools in Wuppertal. Due to its proximity to the protagonists and the exciting, often funny, the film assembly then pulls the viewer into the action as if it had been there the whole time.

Like Rhythm is it a part of the fascination lies in the fact , to which services are capable young people, unless they are accompanied with a sensitive blend of patience, support and demand. If there are mentors who can feel with every fiber of her being, how much they themselves mean dancing. And how much it is dear to them, others closer to the personality-enhancing power of artistic expression.

Another part of the fascination with regard to the special issue deals with the “contact zone”. Amazingly, many teenagers confess to having been in love has never been so right and very little experience with physical contact to have. The film picks up on this fear with a lot of sympathy and winking. It allows insight into a very personal, sometimes painful and sometimes painful feelings. It shows herantragen as boys and girls their own experiences and fears in the “contact zone” and thus make the piece their own. And by changing the template, they change themselves, become confident and directed from within. If one compares the premiere with the first rehearsals, when one sees how from cramps flowing movement – it’s as simple as a (dance) dream come true.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Dance Dreams Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 89 (Min) of material: (# ) Real Fiction

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