Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime
               Intelligence, Sweden, Millennium trilogy, Stieg Larsson

forced ride an avenging angel

  It seems a little effort, if one of the weird concept of “serving phenomenon” to describe just about anything that is not even describe it properly. Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy is an example of those interpretive Beschreibungsnot: simply a phenomenon. Starting with the debut blindness , the successor damnation up to the epochal conclusion of part Forgiveness that triggered the thriller series, a wave of enthusiasm that probably even the Swedish novel, died in 2004 author would have surprised. The three-part book templates go to this day a thousand times over the shop counters, persisting well in the bestseller lists, also the first film version of thriller project was an extraordinary box office hits, and now, given the film the second part of the trilogy, the media fuss has reached a dimension that every Hollywood producer would envy. Therefore, it is not surprising that the owners have opted for the sequel, which carries the title of damnation, not to show as originally planned, but in the ZDF in the movies.

The result will be comfortable with must measure a double standard: if you know the debut novel that introduces the fortunes of the Swedish journalists dedicated Blomkvist Michael (Michael Nyqvist), has been the valuable time advantage that they can present themselves smoothly into the story of a young journalist, Blomkvist gets a delicate Story offered reputationsbedingt for high dignitaries representing a major threat. Because of the investigative reporter has collected materials, which show that have celebrities from politics and industry together to form a network whose mission is to smuggle Russian women into the country to hand it over to prostitution. Blomkvist want the story to print in his notebook, but the plans go wrong, before details can be published is a young journalist murdered. The materials disappear. Police and media suspected Lisbeth Salander (Naomi Rapace), an old friend of Blomkvist, computer specialist and well-heeled Rotzgöre the top 30, behind the murders: sticking their fingerprints on the murder weapon. But rather than address the allegations, she dives and takes on his own risky research, in which she receives support from journalists Blomkvist, who is convinced of her innocence. The complications are unmanageable, highly political and extend to the Russian KGB, with Lisbeth Salander in a tricky, is reaching into childhood relationship.

Can out of sight of a stranger, who knows neither film nor the debut novels to irritate the film: it lacks the abrupt introduction of the emotional line between audience and protagonist, which could substitute the initial disorientation. Lisbeth Salander has oversubscribed in the first section, some unpleasant, arrogant and reckless in many steps they take as the avenging angel for the disenfranchised young girls, unmotivated and featureless. Only in the course of a total of two-hour reconnaissance fighter starting idea of the backgrounds that are based on the intertwined relationship structures – where you can qualify for these shortcomings, by assuming that director Daniel Alfredson is intended primarily to insiders, when he saw the substance filmed – to those who made the first part of the film, if not even know all parts of the novel trilogy. But even novice Larsson’schen thriller world may well, according to a complicated start, to be gripped by the intensifying action.

Bet it does: This thriller has many of the effective elements that make up a good crime movie: tension, quickly staged images, robust characters and a frenetic, but slightly overstates the end, which dissolves all too bloodthirsty. Nor would it be any other output is a contradiction in terms: The audience is expected to eventually proven steps of an old puzzle of Criminology, beginning first with a chaotic pile of circumstantial evidence and single parts to be due to the intervention by the journalist Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander courageous forced ride to transform the hell gorges of the criminal underground in a structured whole. But if you honestly in the end hits the chest, one finds: a good crime scene would have done it too.

(Tomasz Kurianowicz)

Title: damnation Original Title: Flickan lekt som med elden Country of production: , Denmark, Sweden Year of production: 2009 Length: 129 (Min) of material: NFP / Three Friends Film Distribution

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