CRAZY – Crazy Life – TV-Tip of the Week

CRAZY - Crazy Life - TV-Tip of the Week

CRAZY – Crazy Life – TV-Tip of the Week

  Ironically, on Christmas Eve pushes it out Zachary Beaulieu (Marc-André Grondin) from the belly of the mother and in the lives of his lovable-clan into chaos. Overall, Zac has four other brothers, namely Christian, Raymond, Antoine, Yvan small, so that the initials composed of five shoots the movie title CRAZY . form But if you already have the same birthday as the Son of God, is quickly realized that the boy is very special – especially in a strictly religious family, such as the Beaulieu. But Zac’s clairvoyant gift is only one side of his nature, which suggests something of the nature of the already very weird family. From then on the phone no longer stands still and always someone wants to be healed from the extensive kinship or from the circle of friends from his various malaise. This is not the only test that awaits the Beaulieu. For precisely Zac, the favorite son of the constantly blaring songs Family Board Gervais Beaulieu (Michel Côté), unlike the other guys and turns out to be gay, what peace in the family and the good relationship between father and son disturb sensitive – especially as the Beaulieu’s strict Catholic are. And the other brothers are not only a constant source of joy, but cause a lot of eddy …

CRAZY – Crazy Life is a screaming colorful, lively and enjoyable family film “special kind of a wild and fanatasievoll-tender journey through the sixties, seventies and eighties, and a chaotic family album. Director Jean-Marc Vallee manages the rare feat, feather-forth between tragedy and comedy, eccentric and honest normality, rebellion and conformity, family play time and switch back and analyze, without losing the balance between all the different facets and storylines. Even though Zac’s love for men means a disaster for the family, not his coming-out is at the forefront of the narrative, but is merely one of many small and large disasters with which the Beaulieu must deal with. All this is surprisingly stylish and accurately staged, with tears and thrilled with the first until the last minute. Certainly one of the most original and entertaining family stories of recent years and been one of the most charming films of the cinema still young year. In Canada we see the same, as was CRAZY – My crazy life as much as 10 Canadian film awards, in a land of endless forests and great lakes not be called “Lola”, but “genius”. And rarely has a film of that name as a prize worthy of Jean-Marc Valleys imbecile fancies of fireworks and the joy of life.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: CRAZY – Crazy Life – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Canada Year of production: 2005 Length: 127 (min .)

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