The loss of control and a mysterious suicide today, the film tells the Dutchman Anton Corbijn. It is the story of Ian Curtis, lead singer of British band Joy Division. With only 23 years, Curtis took his life. The reasons are to be presumed to be. And the film is no clear answer. Only a hint of the dark inner forces that fought in Curtis and he probably left no choice but to leave entirely out of the life.

The movie is deliberately and consistently with his protagonists. A confused and timid young man whose melancholy is still very good. Sam Riley plays Curtis. And the physical resemblance of the two has been striking. Riley was previously seen only on television: for example, Law and Order -sequences. That’s changing. At the time he turns with director Gerald McMorrow Franklyn and it would have to reach even with the devil, if Riley did not molts within the near future the whole of Great Business. He is THE discovery of the film.

He was mainly used as professional musicians. A fact which is made Corbijn advantage. He left Riley to sing himself. The band Cast hanging on to their work so that Corbijn on any playback abandoned and virtually live concert filmed recordings. The highest level of credibility. One might almost say that Riley has Curtis. As he moves on stage, aggressive and lost to his subliminal pain ansingt is desperately catapulted into an apparent impasse and shaken by epileptic seizures, it is said that Riley actually knows what he’s playing.

And then there are the gentle, bright moments in a consistent black-white filmed work. When Curtis bashfully hand Debbie (Samantha Morton) behind the back to take his buddy. If the two shy smile and play catch later dropped in a meadow. Or if he falls in love with the young Belgian woman Annik, the snotty grin-tape interview. Alexandra Maria Lara plays them. Lara is scarcely recognizable in its 70th make-up. May your doe eyes, the gentle look vulnerable and the gossamer aura not escape aka Curtis Riley. In the film, as in real life.

, But Curtis is married to Debbie. So spontaneous he asked for her hand, so casually he has their desire to have a baby succumbed. All too soon, as he feels painful. Torn between love for her and the horror of a bourgeois life, which he feels himself no match for a long time. Panic, he flees from this togetherness in his wild life as a musician and toward Annik to return it back to Debbie, is fighting desperately for their love. A love that is so large that they can not destroy itself Curtis obscene behavior. Curtis in the common house that takes life, it is inevitable.

In fact, it is the house in Manchester where Ian and Deborah Curtis lived. Directed at the original location Corbijn Curtis’ suicide. The screenplay, written by Matt Greenhalgh, based on Deborah’s Biography Touching From A Distance , which is explained with Corbijn premise of making a film about them, but on Ian to agree. But of course it’s also a film about her and all who were close to the singer. Whose suicide on 18 May 1980, shortly before the band was about to leave for their first major tour in the United States, remains inexplicable to everyone.

Anton Corbijn, who have toured as a photographer (cover of U2, Depeche Mode), filmmaker and music video for Nirvana, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Johnny Cash – The word “celebrity photographer”, he refuses to – got to the band know in their early days. He was personally committed to make this film to make it in the way he wanted it.

As of myths liberated, breaks all-absorbing portrait of an exceptional talent of the 70s. The energetic, powerful music with its depressive-melancholic lyrics, the black and white aesthetics, the experience of living up and catches break in the dreary Manchester and the captivating cast Control to make a cool masterpiece, his entrance as the opening film of the “Fortnight of ‘Fortnight’ at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and was at the Cologne Conference was the TV game film prize. It will certainly not be his last price.

(Monika Sandmann)

Title: control Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2007 Length: 121 (Min) of material: Capelight Pictures / Central

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