The competitors – Russia prodigies 2

               Genre: Documentary
               Sequel, music, pianist, prodigy

The Drama of the Gifted Child

  “It’s like standing in his own shadow.” The only speaks Irina Kolesnitschenko the futility of their efforts openly. Ten years ago, the talented musician a celebrated concert pianist. One of Russia’s miracle children “whom the director Irene Longman, dedicated her enigmatic eponymous documentary. Great expectations accompanied the young musical genius, – expectations that were a disappointment after another. In his late twenties Irina is one of the disused in the ruthless world of concert music. A new elite of small musical genius after pressing. Children, as she introduced in her Irene Longman in 2000 the work of Russian prodigies. Ten years later, the documentary takes its protagonists again. The four former child prodigies, the competitors have become. Russian prodigies 2 it on its rocky road to success – or failure.

An artist would find fulfillment in his work already, believes Elena. But Irina, Dimitri, Nikita, and they are concert pianists. First compositions they have written already in early childhood. However, their careers are based on the musical eve of her game. Their giftedness keep the protagonists not against competition in the professional world, which have to suspend their peers, but aggravated them. Her whole previous life “Russian prodigies”, music. Indirectly conveyed in the desperate pursuit of the young musicians the restriction, which brings her talent for planning their lives with them. A new career is not open to them. A failure as a pianist is a failure in life. The four former students of the Music School of Moscow Conservatory, four of countless young talent, competing in international tournaments. A place in the sun, before an audience. The ambition of the pianist is not a disguised ambition, but the struggle for existence. Dimitri lives with his mother because he can not afford their own apartment. The thought of winning one of the contests a wing drives, Irina tears in his eyes. Even the pope listened to her piano playing when she was a little girl. could practice at a dedicated wing, the young woman, who describes the relationship between pianist and instrument almost tenderly, never. Whether the income of a piano concerto were not sufficient or were otherwise used, remains open. Just that practice means to them queuing for hours before the rehearsal room of a music school, says Irina. Not only is the inherent pressure to contribute to making the young artists feel her talent as a burden.

Elena in turn must make away her little daughter. That as a mother would like to continue their career at all is the one in the industry already considered exceptional. They would rather have had a normal childhood, says Elena. Then she could be happy about their success as adults. She is tortured by the knowledge of having their great time behind him. Their closest competitors are the protagonists themselves: the young musical genius, the Langemann accompanied in her documentary Russian prodigies. The concentrated young adults today do watch their alter egos from the past, even more critical than the juries of the contests there. Well do not be rich, says one of the jurors. Well were so many. Terrific, wonderful, best – and still bad. The competitors shall refrain from a spoken commentary. In pictures, he tells of the material frustrating race of the pianists of prelude to foreplay. Rejected in the first round eliminated, no more space free. Concert hall – Sideshow. By stress and emotional overload, the young artists in the merciless machinery of the top music are worn. Time is running out to them. “The Biological Clock is ticking,” Irina says, with bitter sarcasm. For the next generation of competitors are already waiting for Russian prodigies II

(Lida Bach)

Title: The competitors – Russia prodigies 2 Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 2010 Length: 101 (Min.) (# ) Distribution: GMfilms

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