Come, let us dream!

Come, let us dream!

Come on, we’re dreaming of!

  Eckart (Julian Hackenberg) comes directly from the school and begins his community service in a sheltered workshop. In the group who becomes the boy assigned as a supervisor, is also Ulrike (Anna Brüggemann), which one first sees her disability did not – apart from the fact that it is tied to her chair. She suffers from uncontrollable outbursts of rage that makes them almost incalculable. Hard to tame, it is a case for Lerchenfeld to mention how the Maintainer a promotion place in the accommodation of the most serious cases.

, But the inexperienced Eckart falls in love with the young woman who against all odds. And anyway that is on fire and goes rabidly against any competition, which stands in its path. But the young fortune needs to assert itself – against colleagues who crossed a border to see against Eckhart’s scruples against the new member who wants to help Eckart out of trouble and towards Ulrikes outbreaks. At a time in the mountains, it finally comes to the decision …

Hiemer Leo is a native filmmaker in the truest sense of the word. Hailing from the province, he has always remained true to its environment and has his films are shot outside of the functioning structures of the film industry with mostly small budget. His film die at home folks’ was in the eighties, something of a cult film and was nominated for the German Film Prize, among other things. And his next film, Leni … must leave has won several awards. Come, let’s dream on the novel Ulrike by Volker Jehle is a sensitive drama about dealing with and love for the disabled, an issue that so far on the screen like on TV Little attention was given. Staged a solid film with good actors, most notably in the role of Anna Brüggemann Ulrike.

Title: Come on, we’re dreaming of! Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2004 Length: 93 (Min) Rental: Leo Hiemer Film

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