Colds in the head

Colds in the head

Cold in the head

               Genre: Documentary
               Past, psychosis, biography, Berlinale 2010

intimate insight into a stigmatized disease

  This film is extraordinary: Amazing open because someone talks about one of the most severe mental illnesses, there is: psychosis. It is their own story about the Berlin film maker Gamma Bak there. They made the film and is also the subject of their documentary worth seeing, assembled from interviews, video diaries, and atmospheric experiments is visual.

Gamma Bak visited the film school after high school and turned six short films from 1983 to 1994. But the professional career was 1995 a bad crack, then Gamma Bak was just 30th The young woman had her first psychotic crisis. Since then the disease became chronic and increasingly acute phase tilts back into the lead for two to three weeks to complete collapse.

But the director has decided eight years ago to tell their story in an autobiographical film. That is an achievement not to be underestimated, because there are not many people who are willing to make public a disease that is still fraught with a huge stigma. The performance of the film is, therefore, especially in its openness and intimacy. The director dares to share the audience with very personal and very private feelings. Thus, for example, she says frankly of paranoia, panic and size fantasies. And not in retrospect a convalescent, but with all the fears that may herald the next batch even while she tries to date in an interview to understand their emotions.
There are no medical or political message and really no consolation orbiting in these observations that the disease from different angles and different time perspectives. There is only an attempt to recognize the psychosis despite all seriousness, as part of their own history and live with it, as best we can.

Course will look for causes, but the film does not provide a definitive explanation. The reflections of the girlfriends, the ex-partner Dieter Vervuurt (he has made the camera work) and family members have an equal footing. This is appropriate, because to date the psychosis, the most puzzling of mental diseases. Go to language are among other family-based theories, developmental disorders and problems in attachment behavior.

Is striking that gamma-Bak has dedicated her film of the mother but the mother is not even questioned it. In an interview for the magazine, the press director said that the mother’s primary caregiver and support in the last 14 years had been since the outbreak of the disease. They respect the wishes of the mother, does not occur in the film.

In a cold head is certainly a film that will assist all those affected and their families to better understand the problems associated with the disease. He is on a second level, a reflection on crises that can affect every person – about the difficulties of taking life into their own hands and to stand by this, that not everything is perfect. Gamma Bak dismisses the audience with a thoroughly mixed prospects for the future. It may be that her life takes a turn for the better. It may also be that the next collapse is imminent. One should not forget all the uncertainty, however: Gamma Bak has completed this aesthetically impressive, very intimate film – which is always an admirable achievement.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: cold in the head Original Title: Head Cold Country of production: Germany, Hungary Year of production: 2010 Length: ( #) 93 (Min) of material: GMfilms

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