Cindy loves me not

Cindy loves me not

Cindy loves me not

               Genre: drama, literature, love story
               Triangle with a bar, a prosecutor, Berlinale 2010

The double Maria

  Maria is a remarkable woman. With their surprisingly direct way, they drive the men on the defensive and it also draws from the reserve. This leads to an equally witty and cryptic triangle. Lightly Hannah Schweier filmed in her feature film debut of the novel Cindy loves me not by Jochen-Martin Gutsch and Juan Moreno.

It is the mood of a seductive summer, the novel and film to give something shimmering. As appears from nowhere Maria (Anne Schaefer first) with David (Peter Weiss) and then on to Franz (Schick). Both men bring a new love, a chord blades, they have been hardly felt in himself. Mary knows how to adapt to such an extent and empathize with the fears and desires of their partners that their own person is also almost invisible.

In fact, the young woman one day disappears really. In the search for her, David and Francis meet. Both now only found out that Mary shared the bed with each other. And although the men could not be more different. Stuffy law clerk of one of the other casual-cool bartender. Both neglect their jobs in the prosecution and the bar with the curious name “Cindy does not like me.” Instead, they are in the swing of Francis rickety Opel to ask transversely through Germany and Denmark to Mary.

At first glance, this is a gay relationship history, which soon developed into a road movie – with an equally loving and distanced and ironic look at the figures. At second glance, the deficits become more the focus of attention, especially those of the two men. As amazing as it sounds: both know of the woman, whom they regarded as their friend for months, almost nothing. Where to stay at their parents, who are their colleagues what she had done earlier – all this has apparently neither interested nor David Francis. It is less the person they loved, rather than the image that they made of it, the projection of a double-Maria, his wishes to transfer any of the ideal woman. With the Allow real close to them as their lone wolves, however, have difficulties.

To the best moments of Cindy loves me not count the moments in which to become aware of the two dissimilar men of their weaknesses and relationship deficits. The result is a low, below the competitive level, delicately unfolding friendship between the two, is gradually more important than the three-braid. Especially since the search brings to light details that suggest that even with the love Mary so has its difficulties. And perhaps neither David nor with Franz could be happy.

One may read the novel and the film also as a portrait of a generation, as did director Hannah Schweier a comment for the press booklet. A generation that created the Internet lifestyles and identities that do not match the reality. But blandish where people create their own personality, and pictures of themselves that match their needs more. You can also read the film as a finely observed, humorous discussion of relationship deficits. And as a story of personal change for the better, which seem spectacular but believable.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Cindy loves me not Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2010 Length: 90 (Min) Distribution : Reverse Angle

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