Christoph Bach – Biography and Filmography

Christoph Bach - Biography and Filmography

Christoph Bach – biography and filmography

  Christoph Bach was born in 1975, received his dramatic training at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin.

In the MTV series order Moabit (1998) one could see river for the first time on television. This was followed TV productions such as Quiet Storm (2000), Enough is Enough (2001), Alone with the fear (2005), The snail (2005) and appearances in TV series such as crime scene and Donna Leon.

Christoph Bach was in addition to numerous short films and diploma before the camera. Among his feature film productions include the award-winning movie cat in the bag (2004), Close (2003), Weltverbesserungsmaßnahmen 2004) and Zeppelin (2004).

2003 Christoph Bach was awarded for Detroit (2002) with the German Film Prize for best male lead.

The TV movie My murderer (2004), in which he plays the male lead, was awarded in 2006 to the TV FIPA festival in Biarritz, with the main prize.

In the theater, you could do far Christoph Bach, Volksbühne Berlin (2002) and the Theater der Welt in Stuttgart (2005).

Christoph Bach – Biography

Dutschke (TV) (directed by Stefan Krohmer)
Finnish Tango (directed by Buket Alakus)
Tatort – Der oide Depp (TV) (director: Michael Gutmann)

2007 (# ) wedding at any cost (TV) (Director: Eoin Moore)
Prague Embassy (TV) (Director: Lutz Konermann)
flying blind (directed by Ben Grafstein)
SOKO Cologne – Special Operations (TV) ( Director: Axel Barth)

alone (against fear (TV) Director: Martin Eigler)
Digging for Belladonna (directed by Franka Potente)
Tatort – Revenge (TV) (Director: John Gries)

Zeppelin! (directed by Gordian Maugg)
Seven Heavens (TV) (director: Michael Busch)
My murderer (TV) (directed by Elizabeth Scharang)
Weltverbesserungsmaßnahmen (Director: Jorn Hintzer and Jakob Hüfner)
cat in the bag (Director: Florian Schwarz)
White Silence (TV) (Director: Philip Haucke)
Donna Leon – evidence that it is evil (TV) (Director: Sigi Rothemund)

Close (Dir: Marcus Lenz)
Tatort – Dangerous Silence (TV) (Director: Martin Eigler)
(# ) 2003
Donna Leon – Feine Freunde (TV) (Director: Sigi Rothemund)
Detroit (Director: Jan-Christoph Glaser and Carsten Ludwig)
Real Men? (TV) (Director: Christian Zübert)
fools (Director: Tom Schreiber)

Tatort – Undercover (TV) (Director: Thomas Bohn)

2001 (# ) Enough is Enough! (TV) (directed by Isabel Kleefeld)

Quiet Storm (TV) (director: Tomasz Thomson)

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