Genre: Drama
               Remake, jealousy, triangular relationship, seduction, callgirl

A dangerous game

  It is one of those films where you should not give away too much in advance. However, one of the film occurs in any case already known, because it is a remake of French film Nathalie – Who do you love now night by Anne Fontaine. Atom Egoyan, one of the most popular Canadian film auteur, has made the matter again and a brilliant confusion about fascination, obsession and erotic it rotated.

It starts with a surprise party, which hosts Catherine (Julianne Moore) for her husband, the music professor David (Liam Neeson) for her birthday. Everyone is waiting expectantly, but the birthday boy does not appear. A missed flight can supposedly Catherine skeptical. There are about a lover who makes her man contest? To test his fidelity, she hired a luxury call-girl Chloe (Amanda Seyfried), a much younger, erotic blonde. The plan seems to work. Quick Chloe presents its principal results. Chloe’s reports on the sexual appetites of David are shocking. Catherine wants to end the game, but does not go without it. She is obsessed with Chloe and Chloe’s stories themselves

Atom Egoyan has filmed while for the first time a foreign screenplay by Erin Cressida Wilson (Secretary), but his manuscript in the production is again seen quite clearly. As with the Truth Lies / Where the Truth lies you can not be sure even with Chloe, what is truth and what is a lie. It does not matter, because focus on the obsessions of the two women. Obsession was an issue in Simon’s Secret (2009), the original title was adoration and literally translates as “worship” means. Naturally obsessions in the cinema are usually fatal. When Catherine wants to make the leap and Chloe prefer to withdraw from their lives, it is too late. Chloe has now forged their own plans.

To the erotic drama comes. But not the eroticism between Chloe and Catherine’s husband, because you want the viewer Herbei fantasizing. Nothing is seen of them on the screen. Catherine meets Chloe always after sex, which the call girl with her husband. Thus, for example in a hotel room, in which a rumpled bed, and food scraps more than obvious evidence. It hurts Catherine see this, but the pain seems to please her. Finally, she herself falls into beautiful young woman and spent a few hours with her erotic – in the eyes of the spectators.

As in almost all the films of Atom Egoyan is also Chloe telling the story and how you can become overwhelmed by his own fantasies. Catherine is actually a very disciplined and controlled woman, a successful gynecologist, and seems to have her life completely under control. The alleged affair of her husband and his encounter with Chloe throws them completely off course. Julianne Moore with her cool, fragile nature of this woman knows how to embody perfectly played in the original French by Fanny Ardant. Probably, the figure of Catherine for the first time at a point in their lives where they feel completely helpless and.

Chloe is Atom Egoyan’s first Hollywood movie that will appeal to a wider mainstream audience. That in itself is already on the script, which is designed much more straightforward than is usual in his movies is the case. These often run on multiple layers of time and tell the story in flashbacks, dreams are also very popular. But just the straight line has irritated Egoyan. He did not make the movie to express something specific order, but “because it is a film that I would like to see themselves as spectators.”

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Chloe Country of production: Canada, France, USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 99 (Min) Rental: Kinowelt Film Distribution

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