Cheyenne – TV-Tip of the Week

Cheyenne - TV-Tip of the Week

Cheyenne – TV-Tip of the Week

               Genre: Western
               Indian Genocide

Sunday 7 March 2010, ARTE, 20:15 Clock

  The American director John Ford (1894-1973) has staged in his prolific life of over 140 films and is considered one of the most important representative of the Western genre. Cheyenne from 1964 presents his latest work is on this territory, and this film seems like a very self-critical reflection and dealing with the complex issues of Native Americans. Unlike in his previous Western (Ringo / Stagecoach, 1939, My Darling Clementine / My Darling Clementine, 1946, Rio Grande, 1950, The Searchers / The Seachem, 1956), where they largely marginalized its loaded with popular stereotypes, role has been assigned, this brings the suffering of Native Americans as victims of forced displacement, repression and genocide in the focus.

In the autumn of 1878: Was it originally a few thousand Cheyenne, after the defeat in battle were forcibly against the settlers and the troops of the Army of the United States of America into a desolate reservation in the so-called Indian Territory in Oklahoma, are within a short time only 286 survivors. Aware that the coming winter would mean in this arid region to certain death, the exhausted rest of the tribe decides to return to his native Yellowstone. But the flight of men, women and children from the reservation will soon be pursued by the army under the command of Captain Thomas Archer (Richard Widmark), who, however reluctantly follows his inhuman orders to capture or kill the Cheyenne, which here desperately to their survival fight …

At the time, nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography by William H. Clothier, and a Golden Globe for best supporting actor and Gilbert Roland as the Western Heritage Award Cheyenne is a bitter farewell to the extermination of a people is, whose revolt against the ruthless dominance of the pioneers in his despair and futility is movingly depicted. The implied indictment of the historical crimes of the times to Native Americans on the one hand forms a reflective contrast to the previous stereotypical Western John Ford, on the other hand, however, offset by the seemingly conciliatory conclusion a little. Nevertheless, this marks an early film western shift in the perception of demystification of the Wild West so designated, the historical horror of the people of this era subalternisierten impressive transported.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Cheyenne – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Cheyenne Autumn Country of production: USA Year of production: 1964 Length : 154 (Min)

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