Che – Cannes 2008

Che - Cannes 2008

Che – Cannes 2008

  Steven Soderbergh Che this year was probably the most eagerly anticipated contest with the contribution of the Cannes Festival. But after the screening of more than four-hour film there was bewilderment and disappointment among the visitors. Had they seen now a two-part film, or even two completely separate movies? The presented version was just a rough cut, or actually the finished work, which will come in this form in the cinema?

One thing is certain, the biopic about the Vorzeigerevolutionär and the pop icon Che Guevara is divided into two roughly equal pieces (or even movies). The first deals with the rise of Che Guevara alongside Fidel Castro and ends with the triumph of the Cuban revolutionaries over the Batista regime in 1959. The second part follows Che’s futile attempt to export the revolution to Bolivia and ending in 1967 with the death of the revolutionary. Here is also a performance Franka Potente as Tamara Bunke, a German Wegfährtin Chief, who like himself was killed by Bolivian troops and rumors of which is that Guevara was her lover.

, The German Film Critics harshly Soderbergh into court, most notably Rudiger Suchsland on: “Ultimately, the outcome is. And that is, in short, a single disaster. A lengthy, lazy piece of film – without Focus without ideas, without courage, no wit. The biggest disappointment of the previous festivals, a film that wants to be nothing recognizable, but everything is not recognizable. ” Even Hans-Goerg Rodek seen as not very impressed with the world: “Rather, the assembled Kritikerschaft received by the male than Benicio Del Toro as Che a lesson in driving a jungle guerrilla war.” Wolfgang Höbel can be gained from the film on too little: “But unfortunately proves to be hanging out with the revolutionary as tepid at best entertaining classroom experiment of a cinematic master trust, which includes all moral valuations strictly .”

and Differentiated sympathetic to some of the Anglo-Saxon press also deal with Che. In the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw even thinks that Che was a serious contender for the Palme d’Or. The film will probably once viewed as Soderbergh’s masterpiece: “captivating, although structurally deficient.” In foxnews Roger Friedman Che compares with Michael Cimnios Heaven’s Gate. Since 1985 we have also witnessed in any film so much genius and tedium. By James Rocchi seen the movie as a “simple, clear and open” and continues with the fact that Che would say: “Here is a man, that’s what he did, he has lived so he died.” Wendy Ide of The Times viewed the film in its present form as a “white elephant”. But she was sure that from the material, if not two, will lead to successful film.


Title: Che – Cannes 2008 Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 Length: 268 (Min)

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