Charlotte Rampling – Biography and Filmography

Charlotte Rampling - Biography and Filmography

Charlotte Rampling – Biography and Filmography

  The now 60-year-old Charlotte Rampling is one of the most interesting faces in the film business. Rampling was on 5 February 1946 in Sturmer, England born and began her career as a model. She is now immortalized on the famous photographs by Helmut Newton and Cecil Beaton. In the films in which she played, she often appeared in provocative roles, such as naked victims of concentration camp thugs and moved SS officers in The Night Porter (1974) by Liliana Cavani.

In the sixties them with a pop group through the country, occurred on a small part in Richard Lester’s The Knack (1965) and was discovered by Luchino Visconti, who confided to her in the Ruhr-dynasty drama The Damned (1969) The role of the daughter.

Since then, Rampling played mostly in Europe, with Sean Connery in Zardoz Utopia (1974) or as victims of kidnapping in the flesh of the orchid (1975). She convinced as a femme fatale in the Raymond Chandler film Farewell, My Lovely (1975) and was the unforgettable lover of the director in Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories (1980). For the Japanese director Nagisa Oshima, she starred in Max, mon amour an erotic love triangle between a woman whose husband and a monkey.

After years of relatively secluded, Rampling was seen again in 2000 in Jonathan Nossiter’s Signs and Wonders. Under the direction of French director Francois Ozon shooting star turned them: Under the Sand (2000) and Swimming Pool (2003). After Enki Bilal’s Immortel (2003) was followed by Norman Jewison including roles in The Statement (2003), Mike Hodges thriller I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (2003), Gianni Amelios family drama The key to the house (2004) and Dominik Moll’s Lemming (2004 ).

Charlotte Rampling was with the musician Jean-Michel Jarre and married the sculptor Bryan Southcombe. She has 3 children: David, Barnaby and Emily.

Filmography – Charlotte Rampling (selection)

Purple America (Director: Jorge Torregrossa)

2008 ( #) La femme invisible (Director: Agathe Teyssier)
The Duchess (Director: Saul Dibb)
Boogie Woogie (Director: Duncan Ward)
Deception (Director: Marcel Langenegger)
Babylon AD (Director: Mathieu Kassovitz)

Caótica Ana (Director: Julio Medem)
Angel (Director: Francois Ozon)

Basic Instinct 2 (Basic Instinct : New Risk Addiction, directed by Michael Caton Jones)
désaccord parfait (We see ourselves beautiful, directed by Antoine de Caunes)

Vers le sud (Heading South, directed by Laurent Cantet)
Lemming (Director: Dominik Moll)

Immortel (ad vitam) (directed by Enki Bilal)
Le chiavi di casa (The house keys, Director: Gianni Amelio)

The Statement (directed by Norman Jewison)
Swimming Pool (Director: Francois Ozon)
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (directed by Mike Hodges)

Embrassez qui vous voudrez (Director: Michel Blanc)

Superstition (Director: Kenneth Hope)
The Fourth Angel (Director: John Irvin)
( #) 2000
Sous le sable (Under the Sand, directed by Francois Ozon)
Aberdeen (Director: Hans Petter Moland)
Signs & Wonders (Directed by Jonathan Nossiter)

1986 ( #) Max mon amour (directed by Nagisa Oshima)

Stardust Memories (directed by Woody Allen)

La chair de l’orchid (The flesh of the orchid , directed by Patrice Chereau)
Farewell, My Lovely (Farewell, My Lovely, directed by Dick Richards)

Il portiere di notte (The Night Porter, directed by Liliana Cavani) (# ) Zardoz (directed by John Boorman)

La caduta degli dei (The Damned, directed by Luchino Visconti)

The Knack … And How to Get It (The Knack, directed by Richard Lester)

Charlotte Rampling – Biography and Filmography

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