Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times

           Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times
               Genre: Comedy, Satire
               Unemployment, Factory, silent film, Tramp, night watchman, assembly line, screw clamp
  Although the late 1920s, the era of silent films gradually expired, the legendary filmmaker and actor Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977), despite the possibilities of this first cinematic revolution continues to dispense with the use of vocal speech in his films. Only with The Great Dictator / The Great Dictator in 1940 staged his first sound film comedian of the curious, while modern times happened to sound in 1936 as an almost defiant, refusing pronounced satirical dramatic verbal expression. Even if listening to a vocal contribution here within the voice of Charlie Chaplin is, can the director himself plays his famous figure of the tramp in the course of this presentation quickly slip into improvised onomatopoeia. In this way, the text turns into a caricature of the linguistic and the modern times of a last great silent film of the day, which is how such a humorous farewell tribute to the supremacy Phantom acting. As a worker in a steel factory is the Tramp Charlie (Charlie Chaplin) falls not easy on the assembly line to the urgent rhythm to adjust the automated processes, especially the ambitious director of the company (Allan Garcia), who himself in the toilet a monitoring camera installed, simply every last rapid pace is too slow. From the monotony of his simple, always the same activity and the enormous speed of the Tramp begins overwhelmed, slowly going crazy, not just the factory vigorously shake up, but to attack a horrified passer with his screw gun. This is the beginning of the decline in unemployment and imprisonment, as Charlie moves with his well-meaning, clumsy way too often at the misfortune. However, when he made the acquaintance of a shrewd young woman (Paulette Goddard), makes the way to their food for their impoverished family, “organized” and watch helplessly must be supplied as their little brothers and sisters after the shooting of the father during political unrest in an orphanage, holding the happiness of love moving into its most lonely existence … Starting from the almost timeless, complex songs about the carefully staged story with its tragic and comic dimensions, the acrobatic pantomime, to the socially critical implications represents modern times, a grand successful film than later silent film classics are still enormous fun preparing. At the same time here is a farewell instead of the figure of the brave, resilient and touchingly lonely tramps, who turns in an open final – as in several films Charlie Chaplin before – his audience back. But this time he will not start alone in an uncertain, although seemingly hopeful future, but with an affectionate woman at his side, which is also characterized by an indefatigable fighting spirit. Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard, who act together here in a very charming way, were also privately for ten years a pair. There are very front of the impressive, iconic black and white images and can be lively as the precise movements of this interaction, the Modern times also the artistic level to a very great masterpiece. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times Original Title: Modern Times Country of production: USA Production year: 1936 Length: ( #) 83 (Min.) Published at: format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German, English EAN: 4006680052489 Extras: documentary “Chaplin Today – Modern Times” by Philippe Truffault, introduction of the Chaplin biographer David Robinson, Cut Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailer

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