Chaos Days – We are punks!

Chaos Days - We are punks!
               Genre: Documentary, Music Film
  Who at this year’s Max Ophüls Festival aground on Saturday evening before the Saarbrücken Cinestar, believed at first perhaps on the wrong event. Or in the wrong movie. But it was still the right one. For the hundreds of punks who hang out in front of the cinemas were drank beer and loud music abpogten violent, not a spontaneous meeting, but arrived only because of a film that brought her to the punk lifestyle (t): Chaos Days – We are punks! Tarek Ehlail and Matthias Lange. The film is based – of course, quite loosely – on Arndt’s cult book of Moses Chaos Days , which has been around ten years, a tight-knit fan base.

Actually, first was all just a joke: Tarek Ehlail, otherwise in “civic life” Owner of the Saarbrücken piercing and tattoo studios AK47 and users (the small company Sabotakt not only produces films, but also real ” Fight Club “was initiated), had written more for the fun of a screenplay for the novel by Moses Arndt and filed with the Saarland media promotion. Eintrudelte as a complete surprise, the promise of promotion, and his colleagues decided Ehlail Matthias Lange, then just go right into the unlimited resources. With the help of Claude-Oliver Rudolph, which is Tarek Ehlail friends, the crew came to the phone numbers of some big names of the German theater scene and has some high-caliber for narrow or no money to integrate into the film – alongside Claude-Oliver Rudolph Martin Semmelrogge and Rolf Zacher was also found Stipe Erceg prepared to refine the cast too.

Chaos Days – We are punks! tells the true story of the infamous almost Chaostage of Hanover and is dedicated to the question of how it could come to the Chaos days. With the explanation that give Tarek Ehlail and Matthias Lange, which is probably most bizarre. The punk Mitch (Christopher Letkowski) has deleted fed up with the dreariness and the scene that the ass is not hochkriegt. When he wants revenge for harassment by the authorities at the police, he killed one of the officials. His friend, Didi (Ulrich Alberts), however, a different deal with the frustration: When attempting to take his life in the bathtub, he breaks through the floor of his apartment and ends up roughly one floor below in a supermarket, where because of the impact the slices demise of what the punk Kalle – animated just been at loggerheads with Nazi-Skins – for plunder. Are rapidly coming together quickly, the skins and punks in the midst of the most beautiful fight. And summoned the police transported the chaos further. So far, so good.

But Chaos Days – We are punks! not content to be a rather absurd to try to film, but the whole thing lined with witnesses who remember the “real” Chaos days. Loosely inserted in the interview passages (v) declare old heroes of the punk scene such as Slime-singer Dirk Jora, Wally Walldorf of Toxoplasma, Mirco “Micro” Bogumil of the crashes and the front man of the pigeon-Treasurer Wolfgang Wendland, as it was “time” really is. This has then almost anything from a memorable evening, blessed Lord.

To make it short: Chaos Days – We are punks! is not a good film – at least not in the traditional sense. And it will probably not be. True to the motto of the punk DIY, which rose to the amateurism principle of action, seeks – and finds – the classy film occupied the trash and it will certainly reach its target audience. Chaos days, Tarek Ehlail in an interview with Jan Sedelies the Peiner Allgemeine Zeitung, “should either be looked at with a wink, or three per thousand.” Na denn Prost!

Some frightened viewers with – shall we say – more educated background may keep the film in his deliberately dirty collage technique of sex, violence and good humor for a more or less distinct call to violence. For this kind of audience, the two filmmakers, but their work would have little thought. Cinema operators should definitely bring a lot of courage when they take this film into the program. Or not shrink before an extensive renovation of the premises.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Chaos Days – We are punks! Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 of material: Sabotakt

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