Chanson of love

Chanson of love

Chanson der Liebe

  That in times like French films a serenade is smashed, is now really nothing new. Since the introduction of sound films were becoming once again revived by the use of popular songs, operetta melodies and chansons. And even thought the filmmakers of the Nouvelle Vague – to distinguish it from otherwise rather staid cinema – could not resist the allure of the songs, as evidenced by Jacques Demy’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg / Les parapluies de Cherbourg (France 1964) and Lola (France 1960) . Even in later years, directors changed their minds again and again to the stimulus and the particular importance of having the songs for the cultural identity of the country, in Germany at any rate, it would be inconceivable that at family young and old sing together permanently. Singing as a lifestyle, that’s just typical French. And it shows again and again in the movies. Most forcefully by Alain Resnais would ‘film Life is a chanson / On connaît la chanson (France have remained 1997) in memory.

Christophe Honoré’s new film chanson love / Les Chansons d’amour goes also in this tradition. Again, the (by Alex Beaupain play specially composed for the film) Chansons an important role. You are more than just background music, but to serve alongside the dialogues to express the emotional life of the characters. And that is equipped in this film, not merely of prancing lightness, but with the whole range of emotions.

The movie begins with a playful gesture, apparently aimlessly wanders through the camera a Parisian neighborhood (it is the 10th arrondissement), look here once, then starts back there a little scene – like a flaneur and without identify a firm goal is dedicated to the sight of the realities of life. Almost randomly attaches itself but the beginning of the film after that on the heels of a particular person, but it could also be any other. So that’s just in Paris, the stories are on the road, as has been with Sun Cédric Klapisch Paris / Paris showed.

Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) and Ismaël (the always tousled and so incredibly charming way of constantly Louis Garrel) have long dreamed a couple, but the relationship has become a little boring, it lacks the charm of novelty . To bring fresh ideas into the love, have both decided to try it with a “menage a trois” with. But the arrival of Ishmael’s work colleague Alice (Clotilde Hesme takes) a lot of problems and jealousies with it. Resolve with time, although the fronts and the two get closer together again, but precisely then fate suggests mercilessly to: Julie died from the effects of a brain hemorrhage. Ismaël is left alone and desperate and needs to watch how he cope with his grief over the loss. First of all attempts to stay above all, success of Julie’s sister Jeanne (Chiara Mastroianni), getting back into the desperate lives. Ismaël like a drowning man clings to his memories, but until then an unconventional solution to the looming crisis caused by the young Bretons Erwann (Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet).

Even if the missing songs written by Alex Beaupain history but sometimes a penchant for kitsch and sentimentality – Christophe Honoré on the image plane to avoid too much emotion, and usually remains in the position of an almost impassive narrator, His story, in drab winter colors emerges. The result is ambivalent: on one hand and his young actors succeed Honoré wonderful scenes full of intensity, compassion, and sometimes even the next moment of magic and captivating snapshots of reality, the other does not want the songs fit quite into the flow of the narrative, they remain a foreign body and fragmentisieren this film, which lacks a model for the stated Jacques Demy still a lot. Who knows what would have made this film may be, when Honoré would be more economical to terms with the songs.


Title: Chanson der Liebe Original Title: Les chansons d’amour Country of production: France Year of production: 2007 Length: 100 (Min) of material: Pro-Fun

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