Caution longing

Caution longing

Caution Longing

               Genre: literature, comedy
               Love, age, Cannes 2009, wallet, artifact

A crazy love

Life is a novel. Thus a film of the French old master Alain Resnais in the year 1983. The title says it all: Never before has the co-founder of the Nouvelle Vague terms with the shameful reality. In his films, it is always too high poetically compacted. So too in his new film. Which is somewhat puzzling as the heart (2006) or Life is a chanson. But he pursues the same objective which is the province Resnais for decades: to wrest Due to experimental narrative to life new beauties.

All starts with an equally ugly as realistic incident: Marguerite (Sabine Azéma) is snatched from the handbag. The discarded wallet ends up beside the car of Georges (André Dussollier). This little incident has great effects. Although not even know the two and it will take a while until they are face to face to face, is the retired George’s in love with the woman in her early 50th And because he is persistent enough, his feelings are reciprocated at some point.

The only question is: does the struggle take place at this love in real life or more in thought? This can be difficult to decide, because there always is some evidence that Georges does stupid things sometimes and my head is not always entirely accurate. Les herbes folles – crazy herbs – is the film’s title in the original. He refers to the irrational, irrational impulses, which are controlled by the two main characters. Such as herbs or grasses that grow between the stones, so in a hostile environment for them to settle in Marguerite and Georges with its longing in a reality that it cuts stamps them crazy.

Already reached the first settings Resnais images that provide a source of irritation. And then he increases the alienation, very slowly, very gradually, but irrevocably. Marguerite and Georges fall easily into the world of their desire, which follows its own laws. Here are the needs and the principle to govern a rationally ordered life with a job (Marguerite) and family (Georges break) again, even though there according to the usual standards already be too late.

When George finds his wallet He discovered it two pictures of Marguerite. The passport photo of the identity betrays a hidden sadness. But then there’s the pilot card. A picture apparently by another woman, a smiling, vibrant, self-confident. The photo of a woman who can fly, literally and figuratively. It is probably what appeals to George so. He also would like to be able to fly again, regardless of whether one is doing at his age.

As in other films of Resnais is also a novel as a template: L ‘Incident of the French best-selling author Christian Gailly. And as in earlier works, Resnais, the film answers with language on the complexity of the novel. To reflect Georges’ inner monologues in a world of images, which breaks the reality, and a second, subjective level, it lays. Even with his almost 88 years, Resnais is therefore not yet opened to experiments. This time he tells a love story that could be seen as never before in the movies. And that is on the ubiquity of this theme certainly no small merit.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: caution Longing Original Title: Les herbes folles Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 104 (Min) of material: Black White Film Distribution

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