Genre: Drama
               Japan, World War II, amputation, soldier, Berlinale 2010, injury

The lustful god of war

  So watch out war heroes: the young Shigeko is shocked when her husband, Lieutenant Kurokawa, highly decorated and severely wounded from the Second Sino-Japanese war, returning to his homeland. And the two soldiers who accompanied the soldiers, is the terror in his face. For Kyuzo not only has a horribly scarred face, it also lacks all four limbs and he is unable to speak. But hold Shigeko has a duty, like all women on the home front, they must consider morale of the troops and should therefore not complain about their fate and that of her husband. And even more – they must now known as the wife of a well-respected “War God” (as the newspaper her husband) all the women of Japan to be a role model.

Beginning succeeds quite well. But the disgust and abhorrence of the deformed will not go away easily – especially as it Kyuzo constantly craves sex. Bravo Shigeko complies with its obligations, carting the god of war to the general admiration of the village and can not show it. The relationship with her husband but will always be painful, which may also be because that the war was God damn the stillness before being drafted into a disgusting monster, forcing his wife to have sex. And was also a lieutenant in the war Kurokawa, we learn from flashbacks, less a war hero as a war criminal, who participated in the rape of Chinese women. The silent battle of the spouses is not only through humiliation, but eventually led to his fists, while maintaining an outward façade of a happy warrior, and continues to maintain his self-sacrificing wife.

The 74-year-old Koji Wakamatsu is one of the most important and prolific directors in Japan, Caterpillar is already his 100th Film. With precision and torturing thousands of repetitions, he shows the scars and stumps of the cut and Schwerversehrten Japanese propaganda images from the time of the war between them, then in flashbacks to show the other, dark side of Second Lieutenant to Kurokawa. Again and again, his gaze falls on his medals and newspaper articles, he has from his camp is always in view, they are a self-insurance, that both the sacrifice for the emperor and the fatherland but worth it.

But subtle is not everything, but the film is balanced on the edge of a narrowly calculated scandal, places high value on showing as much as possible and yet still just as true precisely the bounds of decency. The marriage war with deadlock may well effectively staged, the endless repetition with no real development make the whole thing, despite a brief period of 84 minutes to a tough issue. Honestly, the slogan “Make love, not war” we have somehow presented differently.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Caterpillar Original Title: Kyatapirâ Country of production: Japan Year of production: 2010 Length: 84 (min .)

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