Cargo – Out there you are alone

               Genre: Science Fiction
               Spaceship apocalypse, doctor, Planet
  There was a science fiction movie from the German-speaking it is not a long time. The reviewer is just as spontaneous, it is not easy to be a god from the 1990 one. Emmerich Moon 44 is already a few years old. Bullys (T) spacecraft then yes, there was also, almost forgot. Well Cargo, produced with many Swiss francs, with a German cast filmed in English. That sounds great ambition for ever, but Ed Wood was also very ambitious and Cargo switched to the right and left, instead of making his own thing. This is unfortunate, because the reviewer is largely approached with an open mind at Cargo …

The earth has the collapse of all living ecosystems and the people behind them in gigantic Raumschiffslums in space. The young doctor, Laura (Anna-Katharina Schwabroh) decides to take on board a freighter, the medical monitoring of the frozen crew (including a wonderfully grumpy Claude-Oliver Rudolph). By the job they hoped for, the money for a trip to Rhea, where her sister lives, including children, to get together. Rhea, paradise is a planet in a distant solar system. Shortly before the end of the journey, after almost four years, the young woman begins to hear strange noises on board. Hallucinates her? Or someone is actually still on board? Laura gets scared, wakes the crew and is crazy for first held. But soon there is the first death.

, It is laudable when European filmmakers dare to elaborate as Science Fiction. And no one says that Americans hinbekommen something better. Hollywood as everyone else with water. The thing is that Hollywood has much more water available. Cargo and it shows in almost every scene. Many of the visual effects seem unfinished, even as borrowed from a PC game. Scenes and facilities are established, it is the effects that seem like foreign objects. Also the performance of the actors makes every effort again disturbing. When they would feel in the scenes not well. So much so that one imagines in a daily soap. And this is particularly true on the female cast. The men have to anyway if their characters constantly balancing hard on Overacting. This is a lousy dubbing, which is unintentionally funny, as often do not harmonize mimes playing and tone of voice.

They are also in the Science Fiction innovations proved possible, last year’s District 9 impressive. But what Cargo muster as a story, is a compilation full of long-familiar ideas and story fragments. Something Event Horizon, a pinch of Matrix and of course much Alien. The whole thing even mediocre implemented – why should one be content with where the originals and models look so much better and even? As a close friend said: “Unfortunately, our film makers and editors lack the necessary loss of reality in order to make useful Science Fiction.” And therein lies the problem. This is the bonus DVD is filled with background material, makes cargo not better, but it is informative and entertaining than the main film itself

(Renatus Töpke)

Title: Cargo – Out there you are alone Country of production: Switzerland Year of Production: 2009 Length: 110 (min) ( #) Published at: Ascot Elite Home Entertainment format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 7613059801103 Extras: aking Of, Behind the Scene Featurette, Deleted Scenes & Bloopers, Dia Gallery, Original Trailer & TV Spots, Exclusive TV reports (HR Giger), audio commentary with director and producer Ivan Engler Marcel Wolfisberg

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