Can Baz – “He who plays with his life”

Can Baz - He who plays with his life

Can Baz – “He who plays with his life”

  Beyoglu is one of the sparkling neighborhoods of Istanbul, the heart of modern, Western-oriented face of the metropolis on the Bosporus. Here is held under anderemn the nightlife of Istanbul, where there are bars, pubs and discos in large numbers in addition to numerous shops and large department stores along Istiklal Caddesi, is lined up behind the Istiklal street. Here Can Baz plays – “Derjenge who plays with his life,” an unusual documentary, which depicts the director living in Berlin, Ozay Sahin the encounter between the buskers to the group “Siya Siyabend” and the street child Hasan. In an incredibly direct-acting blend of documentary and staged it produces an impression of the other, alternative living in the district of Beyoglu. In order to be closer to the musicians whose lyrics are very true to life and nurtured by the very spirit of secular Alevi closes, the director of the group and acts as a juggler with them, until one day they meet Hasan, a boy who living on the street and sniffs glue. Hasan is the one who plays with his life. ” Over time, developed a close relationship between the musicians of Siya Siyabend and Straßenkid, a friendship that is nourished by similar experiences and roots and yet is only a short episode of life.

Every movie has a beginning and an end, “said Ozay Sahin issue in the press writes about her film. He continued: “Maybe Can Baz has a beginning and an end. But I found that playing Can Baz on the Istiklal Street in Beyoglu – even before deliver the film. “Ozay Sahin’s right. And even more: The film continues even after the film yet: One year after the birth of the shots Can Baz – “He who plays with his life was” Hasan arrested and convicted for robbery and sent to prison. And so it happens that he, the real protagonist of this film very direct, the work which describes his hard life, and has not seen to this day. May it go well with him on his way!

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Can Baz – “He who plays with his life” Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2004 – 2005 Length: (# ) 75 (Min) of material: Real Fiction Films

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