Ca $ h – will be billed at the end

Ca $ h - will be billed at the end

           Ca $ h – will be billed at the end
               Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Crime
               Deceiver, France, thief, coup, police
  With copyist this is such a thing: On one hand, aspiring artists of their professors like once encouraged, but copying the works of the masters in order to uncover the secrets of color, composition and arrangement of light and shadow. On the other hand is liable to the all too vile poaching recognized masterpieces of always something objectionable and ends in the suggestion that the counterfeiters had their own ideas – if they have any at all – has lost. With his comedy crooks Ca $ h – is billed at the end is the elegant Eric Besnard-Movie Heist à la Steven Soderbergh Ocean’s series a small monument. He is not confined herself to copy, but developed the popular sub-genre, thanks to great actor, a successful staging of French charm and certainly more entertaining. Since his little brother a few years ago was killed in a failed con artist-coup, cherishes the charming and narcissistic thug Cash (Jean Dujardin) is only one wish: He wants to take revenge on the perpetrators of the cowardly murder. When the beat and karriereversessene and also with all the tricks Europol Commissioner Julia (Valeria Golino) Cash are arrested, she offers him a deal: he can regain his freedom if he helps her, using his connections to the underworld, the long- looking for master deceiver Maxime (Jean Reno making) arrested. This constellation is developing a large-scale game in which everyone plays with hidden cards of the counterparties and, incidentally, still a cleverly threaded theft against the breathtaking backdrop of the Cote d’Azur. should have is there any doubt that Eric Besnard all parts of Steven Soderbergh’s seen Ocean’s trilogy, and probably quite enjoyed. Nevertheless, Ca $ h – Ballad of Cable Hogue no vile copy, but rather a funny and very French homage to the model from Hollywood. Although this is a whole little original and, despite some calls for double bottom intellectually hardly out, but thanks to operate accurately drawn type, stylish pictures and many intricate twists and digressions, and a generous dose of humor magnificent. Only Jean Dujardin especially at the beginning of the movie too confident permanent smile, seems to lend his thoughts of revenge implausible, can one go be part of the time on my nerves, so it does really well that it later because of the cunning his beloved at last the features derail. Steven Soderbergh is likely that this even funny, but quite harmless crooks angry little comedy, but perhaps a little proud: For who is so lovingly copied, can be certain that he is one of the great masters of his craft. As in his case, yes absolutely correct. (Joachim Kurz)
  Title: Ca $ h – Ballad of Cable Hogue Original Title: Ca $ h Country of production: France Production year: 2009 (# ) Length: 98 (Min.) Published at: € Video format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, French ( #) EAN: 4009750257463 Extras: Making Of (subtitles)

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