Louise (Catherine Frot) is working as a beautician somewhere in the province, and one day when she visited her sister, Martine (Isabelle Huppert) in Paris, is the first time when it departs again. But Louise, unmarried and cheerful, has big plans, she wants to stop their little job and start a career as a writer. To this end, she meets in Paris, a real publisher. No wonder then, that Louise full of anticipation and lots of hyper arrives in Paris.

Catherine, however, do not like so much enthusiasm. She married early and works in spite of their dysfunctional marriage with Pierre (François Berléand), her son and a posh apartment in Paris and frustrated annoyed. Already the morning of the arrival of her sister was one big hullabaloo: Her husband had noisy breathing through the rest destroyed breakfast, made the son goodbye in no matter where they constantly aching neck and the maid she had not remembered, then they would have even the arrival of their Sister forget! And has announced his calculated for today’s Saturday, when every Parisian knows that you will not find a parking partout!

It quickly becomes clear that the two sisters are worlds apart, what Louise gets it clearly felt. Again and again she is the buffer for Martine’s frustration, because they do not narrow conceptions and conventions, the civil life of a Parisian laboriously maintained. When the three days of the visit is finally over, have opened some doors for Louise while, but others have concluded …

Bukarest / Les soeurs fâchées is a remarkable film, especially the two taken at the highest level is acting actresses. Isabelle Huppert and above all from one moment to the next version of the lost and their anger at alleged or actually suffered injustices of life can run free, which is really an excellent performance. Piece by piece, and without really exposing here unmasked bourgeois life patterns and life-lies, so that in the end the sole Louise in her naivety and innocence as a “normal person” remains. Only the very sharp change between delightfully comic and dramatic moments, then again sometimes irritating, but this does not take the film its edge, and vicious. A successful debut by Alexandra Leclère, which gives us hope for further action.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Bukarest Original Title: Les soeurs fâchées – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France Year of production: 2004 ( #) Length: 93 (Min)

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