Brothers – Between Brothers (Brødre)

Brothers - Between Brothers (Brødre)

Brothers – Between Brothers (Brødre)

  Michael (Ulrich Thomsen) seems to be a man favored by fortune, he has completed a distinguished career in the Danish army, and handsome, with his wife Sarah (Connie Nielsen), he has two lovely children – a completely perfect life. Quite different with his brother Jannik (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), which is something like the black sheep of the family. Because of a bank robbery he was in prison and is now looking hard for his release, his place in life, from his father (Bent Mejding) he is despised by his older brother and he can hardly expect sympathy and understanding. Suddenly Michael must abroad, to Afghanistan to free a captured Danish soldiers. In fact – as he says to calm – a routine use. But then the helicopter is shot down and Michael was declared dead. The dream of happiness has vanished over and done with – as it won.

Develops after the funeral, without body Jannik great sense of responsibility for Sarah and the two children he lovingly cares for the family and eventually comes to his sister always closer. An approach that is indeed eyed suspiciously by the family, because especially for Jannik father is no question that Michael was the better of the two sons. No wonder then, that the slowly evolving connection is burdened by accusations, guilt, and a permanent bad conscience. Very surprisingly, it turns out that Michael is not dead, but was detained by Afghan rebels. After his release, the soldier comes back home severely traumatized broken – he, the former seems strong and is not in a position to speak about the experience. Again and again he responded uncontrolled and uncontrollable, especially when he noticed that Jannik and Sarah are in closer, until finally the situation escalates …

with nervous vibrating camera in dogma style has director Susanne Bier (Open Hearts) is a human too human recorded history that goes far beyond a classical brother conflict. It shows the potential effects of the “big politics” on the lives of individual and hide the supposed “little dramas” behind ordinary ways of life. Buoyed by excellent actors who stand to close, painfully inquisitive camera and give substance and depth of the characters here manage an intense drama, which is anchored in the here and now and yet far beyond points. Violent and moving film in a class of …

Title: Brothers -) Between brothers (Brødre) Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2004 (# length 110 (min) ( #) Distribution: Solo Film Verleih

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