Brinkmann’s Wrath

Brinkmanns Wrath

Brinkmann’s Wrath

  “The combination of original voice and precise histrionic representation goes far beyond what is known as a literary portrait on film,” jubilant, enthusiastic : Over is the poet Rolf Dieter Brinkmann (1940-1975) of Brinkmann’s Wrath touching film. The film essay is based on the median inheritance in 1975, died in a road accident in London, the poet.

The Cologne-author Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, the American beat literature in Germany and was even made known to one of the most important German avant-garde -poet. Tapes, Super-8 films, photographs and collages, presented his widow Maleen Brinkmann for the film has made available. The semi-documentary film focuses recorded in Cologne in 1973 the original tapes of the unusual poet.

“One of the greatest curses of the present, ever written,” muses director Harald Bergmann. He is interested above all the late work in which re-attaches Brinkmann again, repent weitermacht. The Berlin filmmaker who recently ventured to transpose even Friedrich Hölderlin in a stunning trilogy, the movies, begins with Brinkmann’s anger at the turning point in the life and work book. 1970 Brinkmann runs completely withdrew from the literary world. Like so many, he sees the political movement verspießern to pop diluted for consumption. For his writing remains artistically and economically no prospects.

From auditing and inventory grows, the program is now called “initiation into a new sensibility,” an important estate publication is titled “Explorations for the clarification of the sense of a rebellion” . Brinkmann was always running to the limits of language, she suspects he is now increasingly and the beginning of what he refers to himself as “fieldwork.” In the following years, he collects and produces vast quantities, like an insane Material: In addition to published texts, collages and many super-8 film reels, thousands of images, and twelve hours of tape recordings.

The last years of this wild and extreme life, a poet until his untimely death Harald Bergmann to a disturbing, almost experimental film captures. He lets his protagonist Eckhard Rhode operate synchronously with the old original recordings with his camera and finds Brinkmann Elfi Mikesch on the original scenes in Cologne, Rome, London and Cambridge for the haunting images Mitteilungswut. As a souring Brinkmann damn dirty yellow sky over Cologne and screaming into the microphone. Is the world falling apart? He must rescue her new sounds, so that they can again be understood. He defies the everyday world from the noises, thumps to the trash, screams, whispers, seals. And sometimes he is beside himself with anger …

(Jean Lüdeke)

Title: Brinkmann’s Wrath Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2006 Length: 105 (Min) of material: ( #) New Visions Film Distribution

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