Bride Flight

Bride Flight

Bride Flight

               Genre: Drama
               Second World War, emigration, Netherlands

The pitfalls of a “long-distance Engagement”

  It was an adventurous flight: On 8 October 1953 launched a machine of the Dutch airline KLM to New Zealand. She wanted to be faster than all previous and managed the same. For three women on board, the trip was remarkable in other respects. They were expected in New Zealand by husbands-in-waiting, which she hardly knew. A so-called “Fernverlobung” made it possible. Whether and how they made their fortune, of which one of Holland’s most successful films of recent years.

Is Marjorie Esther, and Ada did not leave their country voluntarily. They must go out of necessity or because of their family perished in Nazi concentration camps. And they look quite different things: Esther wants children, Marjorie Ada a career as a fashion designer and a passionate love. During the flight, the three women get to know Frank, a fun-loving charmer who wants to make his fortune in foreign lands. The young Dutchman is a man who love the women. And that makes things complicated even before the landing.

In the new home are steps Once all their different ways. But the fate of the four men together in this epic-scale drama and over again. Thus we learn about the personal friendships and enmities out something about the life of the Holland migrants in particular and the going in general. As for those who stay at home, just do not go all the dreams come true. And it is important to make the most of to what one finds.

This is obviously a matter for romantic emotional cinema. Bride Flight relies on grand gestures, unique feelings and pointed conflict. Nevertheless, director Ben Sombogaart sailed over long distances, the rocks of sentimentality. The film is cleverly structured. He says most of the interpersonal conflicts through flashbacks, so that the truth always comes to light only piecemeal. And he designed the network of relationships so complex that any change in the balance once again brings to falter and thus evokes a new complications. Only the sometimes sweet music disturbs the effort to attract a wide audience, without slipping into stereotypes.

That bride flight not crash in the pathos, but always rises again to a new facility is to the credit of screenwriter Marieke van der Pol. She gave the same book her debut as a novelist, but had previously written a few screenplays. This experience has probably helped her keep slim the substance and focus on a filmgerechte narrative structure.

It is not the promised land and it is not the ideal husbands who expect the emigrants. But it is also not a story of failure. It is a history of decisions that had to be taken, without being able to know whether they were true or false. And it is a story of life gradually increasing serenity, with the consequences of those decisions. Even if they have undergone in retrospect appear as if they had missed something crucial.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Bride Flight Original Title: Bride Flight Country of production: The Netherlands Year of production: 2008 Length: 130 ( min)

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