Botero – Geboren in Medellin

Botero - Geboren in Medellin
               Genre: Documentary
  He already is Max Ernst (My vagabonding – My disquiet, 1991) moved to the body, the weather, Nike de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely was added (Who is the monster – you or me?) In 1996, has, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, with the camera accompanied (Hundertwasser’s Rainy Day, 1973). Like hardly any other understands Peter Schamoni, in addition to his work as a feature film director (forgotten to the point, darling painting of the life of bohemian Schwabing with the young Uschi Glas in the lead role), artists’ portraits with the camera, which the mysteries of inspiration, genius and eccentricity trace. This time has gone Schamoni to Colombia, more exactly in the notorious city of Medellin, which is not only home to the same drug cartel, but also one of the great painters of our time. The speech is by Fernando Botero, the painter with a preference for obese men and women who have become his trademark.

On the occasion of 75th Botero Birthday Peter Schamoni life and makes the work of the painter to pass in review and traces the stations: Born in 1932 in Medellin, Botero has already lost his father at age five, seven years later, he started painting and exhibiting for the first time at age 16 . At 18, he discovered the painter Paul Gauguin, for itself and moves into a village along the Caribbean coast, in order to better understand the world of thought to his idol. The following are stations in Madrid, New York, and finally, the long-awaited success, the calculated increases in Germany began. From there, Botero’s paintings and sculptures, first to conquer the European art, he succeeds so well in America. But Botero’s life and career is also full of low blows: his year-old son died in a car accident, is injured when the painters – a shock that he later tried to work up repeatedly in his paintings.

Botero’s paintings reflect the everyday life in Colombia in all its aspects – even the violent. After a kidnapping narrowly failed, leaving the artist rushed the country to continue working somewhere else in peace and without fear to be. Contribute painter, whose paintings and sculptures, many critics naively created under the influence of the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib, a vast cycle of work in which he dealt with torture and violence. And because Fernando Botero does not deserve the suffering of others with his money, he gave away this work of public institutions to preserve the memory of the atrocities alive.

Peter Schamoni Accustomed accurately traces the life and the fascinating character Botero, rarely is the interference of the director felt. Instead, the film makes the impression that the artist will accompany you on a walk through his life and his characters that is seen after this film with different eyes. They are no longer simply the corpulent figures that we look at many thousands of book covers, posters, and podiums down – rather they are the visible expression of a thought world full of imagination, tenderness, sadness and ingenuity. You are traces of an intense life and an extraordinary man.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Botero – Geboren in Medellin Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (Min) Rental: Concorde Film Distribution

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