Böse Zellen

Böse Zellen

Cells Evil

  For some time already, Austria is making a film nation’s attention to himself with unusual, bizarre and innovative films like Lovely Rita, dog days, or the northern edge. The director of the latter film, Barbara Albert, has now turned bad cells with their new film, which on 1 April in the German cinema is.

On the way back from Brazil vacation Manu (Kathrin Resetarits) airplane is caught in a storm and crashes into the sea. But the young woman has a guardian angel: her only surviving the disaster. Six years later, however, it will seek the fate again.
Is now married with Andreas (Georg Friedrich), has one daughter, Yvonne (Deborah Ten Brink) and works of an Austrian town in the supermarket as a cashier.

One night she goes to Andrea (Ursula Strauss) , Yvonne’s kindergarten teacher, in the disco, to enjoy yourself. Andrea remains there for a while, Manu goes home alone. On the road at night, it collides with an oncoming car, an accident, the Manu survived.

Manu remains present even after their death for their loved ones in a strange way. Yvonne and her aunt, Gerlinde (Marion Mitterhammer) does not already believe that this is a farewell forever. You know where Manu is present: in the infinite.

Kai (Dominik Hartel), the driver of another car is only slightly injured, his girlfriend, Gabi (Nicole Skala), however, remains paralyzed after the accident. It separates itself from it, Kai finally learns Patricia (Désirée Ourada) know, had as a child’s suicide watch with their parents and who has now prescribed for making contact with occult entities.

Other people come into the picture , meet, fall in love and lose themselves and go their way, always in search of happiness that is called life. Around this situation unfolds Barbara Albrecht a figure constellation, apparently heading for the lives and destinies of everything with everything and everyone related to everyone in an endless dance of loneliness, of meetings, the brief happiness and impermanence. A wonderful, wise and sadly beautiful film about the symptoms, and fate. Absolutely worth seeing.

Title: Böse Zellen Country of production: Germany, Switzerland, Austria Year of production: 2003 Length: 120 minutes (min) ( #) Distribution: Ventura Film

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