Bombón – A story from Patagonia

Bombón - A story from Patagonia

Bombón – A story from Patagonia

  Patagonia is for many world travelers, the World’s End, a largely deserted patch of earth, rough, roars from a steady wind and inhospitable to come, so that on a square kilometer of ground just two people. In some areas there are even fewer. More surprising, then, some might say that here too utterly strange encounters may occur, of which the Argentine director Carlos Sorin’s film tells Bombón.

The heart of the film Juan (Juan Vallega) the just lost his job as a mechanic and gas station there for the little prospect of finding somewhere early 50s with a job. But the likeable Kumpeltyp next door is far from being hanged upside down and revealed the seemingly inevitable fate as a long-term unemployed people. As long as he can find no “reasonable” job, he keeps up with the sale of handmade knives over water. But no matter how beautiful the useful tools are also, Juan will not be able simply to sell a few copies of it, however much he tries. But when he finally helps a landowner, prepare the car breakdown again, it seems to go uphill. Bequeathed to him in gratitude for the elderly lady a beautiful breed dog with the sonorous name of “Bombón. With the help of the apparently equipped with a powerful animal of the Libido rather inconspicuous Juan is suddenly turning and praise from all sides, he even finds a job and is asked by a real bank manager in his premises, because this is a genuine fan of Great Danes. ( #)
Annex so encouraged Juan contacted the dog breeding expert Walter (Walter Donado), the “Bombón” a great future as an award-winning star of all dog shows predicted. But the training is not only the dog, but also to his proud new owners are able to scratch, for life as a holder of a real pedigree, of course an enormous challenge. And lo and behold, prompt Bombón wins at a dog show in third place, which is then celebrated exuberantly. Will we actually all turn out well?

As in his film Historias minima, it is dedicated to the director Carlos Sorin also Bombón the needs and small stories of ordinary people, which he has occupied with quite excellent amateur actors . This, says the director had the characters they play are so similar that the film certainly does have a strong documentary trend. The consequence of this very special kind of staging is a very fussy, minimal and purist film is spoken in the little and actually not really something to happen. But it is especially the how of these little encounters that Bombón gives his special touch – if you can get involved with that. Sometimes one wonders, however, already, why Carlos Sorin for his observations of people-the film has chosen, where it would be much closer to the documentary.

Title: Bombón – A story from Patagonia Country of production: Argentina, Spain Year of production: 2004 Length: 97 (minutes) of material: Alamode Film

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